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  • 1.7K
    Which guy will be yours?
    rated: 3.92/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 1.7K times | 22 comments

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were given the chance to meet 4 amazing guys, and have your pick of them? Well, these 4 guys that …

  • 15.3K
    Just answer Truthfully... Learn something about you!
    rated: 3.67/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 15.3K times | 35 comments

    This quiz has the randomest questions, I know, but just answer them the way you would answer them if a fat man named Freddy Joe the third walked up to …

  • 1.5K
    What Twilight Charecter Are You
    rated: 3.68/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 1.5K times | 10 comments

    Have you ever read the Twilight books? Have you ever wondered who you would be? This quiz will tell you who you are based on how alike each charecter …

  • 2.5K
    Which will fall for you part SIX
    rated: 4.63/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 2.5K times | 43 comments

    Hello everyone! This is part six of the "Which will fall for you" quiz series. I'm sorry it's so late, but I'm very busy during the week. Anyway, I …

  • 16.4K
    Does he like you or not quiz
    rated: 2.8/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 16.4K times | 15 comments

    This is a does he like you quiz. If you like someone then take this quiz and see if he likes you to! Or you can just take this quiz for fun even if …

  • 1.6K
    What sort of guy is right for you?
    rated: 3.54/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 1.6K times | 6 comments

    Do you feel like every man you have dated was a let-down? Well, take my test and find out what kind of dude will fit your fancy. I have a selection of …

  • 7.6K
    are you a chav, emo or girly girl?
    rated: 2.98/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 7.6K times | 29 comments

    This quiz will tell you your steriotype. eg - chav, emo or girly girl. If you are unsure which of these you mostly are, or want to pass time by …

  • 16.1K
    who is your celebrity twin?
    rated: 2.12/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 16.1K times | 16 comments

    You're gonna be a shining star, in fancy clothes, and fancy cars And then you'll see, you're gonna go far, Cause everyone knows, just who you …

  • 1.3K
    which hott female celeb are you?
    rated: 3.19/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 1.3K times | 7 comments

    there are awesome singers and actresses after all everyonoe watches tv so they should know who these people are giiiiiiirrrrrrlllllssss you have to be …

  • 9K
    What letter does your date's name start with?
    rated: 3.78/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 9K times | 17 comments

    Hello there!!!! Do you have a date? If you do, have you ever wondered if you and that boy were meant to go together? And if you don't have a date, …