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  • Taken 6.9K Times
    Which Jonas Brother Would Want To Date You?
    • Currently 3.8/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 13 comments

    Many people love the jonas brothers and would want them to date them. I know I love the jonas brothers. If your a boy and wants to take this quiz just pretend to be a girl. I hope the quiz is fun!

  • Taken 2.6K Times
    How will you die?
    • Currently 2.6/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 6 comments

    I Lumister have designed this. Strange twisted test for you. You look around and see ordinary people, living their ordinary lifes, not knowing their next second may be their last. I can tell you what to beware of.

  • Taken 162K Times
    What is your True Fear?
    • Currently 4.1/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 118 comments

    Fear is a funny thing. It is an emotion that all people will face sometime within their lives. Fear can be experienced on many different levels. From the heart-racing moment of suspense when watching a horror movie- to the breath stealing moment of surpr

  • Taken 13K Times
    Which Horror Movie Role Would You Play?
    • Currently 3.5/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 29 comments

    Me and my friends Have seen just about every horror film or Scifi thriller that was put on film and we often find ourselves Yelling such things at the screen as "Shoot it in the head you fool" or "Just pull that lever over there and the door will open" So

  • Taken 6.9K Times
    Are You Perfect For a Relationship?
    • Currently 3.2/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 11 comments

    There are many people out there that are perfect for a relationship and many that aren't. You are an amazing person if you can get 100%. What is perfect? Well, perfect is when you are loving, caring, compassionate and supportive towards your partner.

  • Taken 7.2K Times
    are you emo or just a poser
    • Currently 3.1/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 23 comments

    Most people dont know what emo is so they make up what they think it is. and thats f---en wack -_- so take this quiz and if your not emo LEARN WHAT IT IS AND LEAVE US ALONE!!!

  • Taken 8.1K Times
    What Kind of Horse Are You?
    • Currently 3.9/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 9 comments

    Ok. Your a horse. What kind of horse? I don't know. Find it out for yourself. These questions will let you know. What is a horse? A four legged mammal that human beings ride. Interesting, right?

  • Taken 4.6K Times
    wich jonas brother will fall in love with you
    • Currently 3.7/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 7 comments

    you get to se what jonas brother would fall in love with you. you can get joe jonas, nick jonas, or kevin jonas. i think they are all cool and back off joe is mine! w00t i luvs him very very much and his eyebrows are so cute.

  • Taken 14.8K Times
    Are you in love? [Girls Only]
    • Currently 3.8/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 24 comments

    So, this is a quiz to see if you are in love. It's basically for girls but if you're a guy, well it doesn't matter. Please rate it when you are done. I mean it's free, right?!?!

  • Taken 8.8K Times
    Which random object are you
    • Currently 3.2/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 20 comments

    This quiz will tell you which random object you are most related to. You will be asked 18 questions. There are 5 results which you can get. I'm not going to tell you what they are because I want you to be surprised. Enjoy!