What type of right winger are you?

There are many types of right wingers. This test will test you on questions regarding economics, social issues, foreign policy, philosophy to figure out which kind you are.

You will find out if you are a neoconservative, paleoconservative, libertarian, fascist, national socialist, national capitalist, alt right, alt lite, or christian fundamentalist.

Created by: rightwing_fusionist
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. In general, what is your view of capitalism?
It is great and should stay mostly or completly unrestricted.
Capitalism is good, but restrictions on international trade are necessary to protect national interests.
It is good, but the state should use active fiscal policy to correct failures.
It is mostly good, so long as it does not interfere with the state and national interests.
Let me check my Bible and see what it says about it.
It is no better than communism. Many industries should be nationalized.
4. In general, how conservative do you consider yourself on social issues? (Politically, not personally)
Not at all
Depends on the constitutionality of the issue.
Extremely, and my socially conservative views are religious based.
Extremely, but not for religious reasons.
5. In general, what should be our foreign policy?
Noninterventionist. We should not intervene internationally unless we are attacked.
Mostly noninterventionist but we should intervene if there is a clear threat but we haven't been attacked yet.
Isolationist. We should be very uninvolved with anyone internationally.
Mixed. We should combat terrorism and such but not support regime change.
Interventionist. We should actively intervene internationally and topple regimes to spread democracy.
Expansionist. We should conquer new territories.
6. In general, what is your view on immigration?
Little to no restriction on immigration.
For it as long as it's legal.
Illegal immigration should be cracked down on and I'm content with our current legal immigration rate.
To immigrate here you must be willing to conform to our culture.
We should ban immigration.
Only whites should be able to immigrate.
7. What do you believe is the most important factor in being considered "right wing"?
Supporting small governemt
Supporting the constitution
A hawkish foreign policy
Valuing hierarchy over equality
Traditional Christian values
Pride in your race
8. What is your ideal income tax?
None or under 10%; flat
Under 20%; flat or 2 bracket system
20-30% top rate; mildly progressive
30-40% top rate; progressive
40-50% top rate; progressive
50-60% top rate; progressive
9. What is your stance on gay marriage?
For it
Leave it to the states
Allow civil unions but no marriage
No civil unions
No civil unions and limit homosexual expression
Homosexuality outlawed
10. What is your stance on marijuana?
Full legalization
Leave it to the states
Medical and/or decriminalization
Legalize medical. Keep recreational criminalized.
Illegal with harsher penalties
11. What is your stance on abortion?
Pro-choice; a woman has a right to her body.
Pro-life; a child has a right to life.
Pro-life with exceptions.
Pro-choice for euginic purposes.
12. What economic school of thought do you most associate with?
Austrian; laissez faire fiscal, regulatory, and monetary policy.
Chicago; laissez faire fiscal policy, moderate regulatory policy and regulated monetary policy.
New Keynesian; moderate fiscal policy and regulatory policy and regulated monetary policy.
American; like Chicago but with tariffs.
Keynesian; Active fiscal, regulatory, and monetary policy.
Post-Keynesian; very active fiscal, regulatory, and monetary policy.
13. How do you feel about protective tariffs?
They are harmful for the economy
They can be useful temporarily but should be abandoned in the long run
We should have moderate tariffs across the board
We should have high tariffs across the board
We should have selective tariffs. Varying rates between different countries and on different industries.
14. What is the biggest threat to America?
Foreign dictators who don't support democracy
Immigrants who don't support our values
Modernist, secular, and immoral lifestyles
15. What is "the state" in your opinion?
A necessary evil that should be extremely limited.
A neusance, but it has its place in keeping us safe.
A neusance, but it has its place in preserving culture.
A great tool for enforcing Christian values.
A great tool for creating a homogenous ethnostate for the master race.
The highest of political ends.
16. What is your ideal healthcare system?
Fully private
Private with subsidies and/or regulations.
Mostly private with some public health insurance for seniors and/or the poor. (Medicare/Medicaid)
Like the above but with even more regulation on the private sector; price controls, mandates, etc. (ACA)
Universal healthcare; public insurance and private clinics, hospitals, and pharmaceutical industry.
Socialized medicine; healthcare completely public.
17. What is your ideal banking system?
Fully private; no central bank, no bailouts.
Fully private; private central bank, no bailouts.
Private and regulated; private central bank, bailouts.
Private and regulated; public central bank, bailouts.
18. What is your ideal energy sector?
Fully private; no subsidies
Private; subsidies and regulation
Private; subsidies to clean energy but not fossil fuels.
Mix of public and private
19. Are you more of a collectivist or individualist? (Socially)
Mixed, lean individualist
Mixed, lean collectivist
20. Is racial pride important?
No, but culture is.
Culture is important, and I understand that cultures have a de facto ethnic divide.
21. Which of these people do you most admire? (Two parts, if your choice is not in this question, select "other")
Ron Paul
Rand Paul
Pat Buchanan
Bill Kristol
Paul Joseph Watson
22. Which of these people do you most admire? (Pt 2)
Virgile Goode
Richard Spencer
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
Augusto Pinochet
23. How do you feel about the Patriot Act?
It is a violation of civil liberties.
Against, but I support the replacement, the "Freedom Act".
I don't like it, but it's a neccessary evil.
It is excellent for combatting terrorism.
I love it.
24. What is one thing you wish was taught better in schools?
The constitution
Race realism
Military preparation
The Bible
Obedience to authority
25. Who did you initially support in the primaries this year?
Rand Paul
Ted Cruz
Donald Trump
Ben Carson
Marco Rubio
A Democrat or other
26. What type of American liberal or leftist do you most hate?
Economic justice warriors
Crooked Democrat elites
LGBT, feminists, etc.
Anti-war hippies
Welfare leaching minorities
27. Which issue are you the most "left" on? If you had to choose.
Social issues
Literally nothing
28. Which of these are you the most "right" on?
Social issues
I'm far right on literally everything
29. How do you feel about Israel
They're our greatest ally and should be defended at any cost even if it means putting their interests over ours.
They are an ally, but we should put our interest first and theirs second.
We shouldn't be involved with entangling alliances anyway.
We need to reconsider our alliance with them as they often take advantage of us.
The Bible says to support Israel so I support them!
Israel and the Jews are evil and plotting to take over the world.
30. What is your opinion on Democracy?
Democracy is mob rule, but a constitutional republic is a great system.
Democracy is the best system.
Democracy is how the Jews control us.
Democracy, including Republican democracies, are a weak and inefficient system that doesn't allow the state to be all powerful.
Democracy allows too much secularism.
31. Should the US intervene in Syria?
No, the US should not intervene anywhere.
Only with congressional approval.
Yes, Assad must be removed.
No, Assad is the last stand against zionism and international Jewery.
No, Assad isn't good but he is a secular leader and needs to stay.
No, Assad is a good leader.
32. Who is your favorite president of the last century?
Ronald Reagan
Calvin Coolidge
Richard Nixon
George W Bush
33. Which of these flags would you be most likely to have in your room?
Gadsden flag
Thin blue line flag
Confederate flag
Any kind of Christian flag
Come and take it flag
34. Which historical society would you most want to live in?
Wild west United States
Roman Empire
Holy Roman Empire
Post-revolution United States
British Empire
35. What kind of right winger do you least like?
"Normie" conservatives
Business conservatives
36. Should we raise or cut military spending?
Cut, by a lot.
Cut by a little.
Current miltary spending is fine.
Raise, by a little.
Raise, by a lot.
37. Should we raise or cut social security spending?
Cut; raise retirement age, and start privatization.
Cut by a little.
Keep current spending.
Increase by a little.
Increase by a lot.

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