How well do you know Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin has many fans but only a few know him extremely well! Are you one of those people? A super fan is someone who knows almost everything about him.

Are you a Superfan? Have you loved Grant Gustin long enough to be a true fan and know all about him? Take this quiz to find out if you really are a Grant Gustin Super fan.

Created by: Grant Gustin Fan

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  1. What is Grant's full name?
  2. When is his Birthday
  3. What are his Siblings names?
  4. What University did he go to?
  5. What is his mothers name?
  6. What role did he play in Glee?
  7. When did the flash first air?
  8. What type of Dance did he practice?
  9. Which member of his family does he have a matching tattoo with?
  10. What is his Instagram and Twitter username?
  11. Who is his favourite superhero?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Grant Gustin