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  • Taken 26.4K Times
    Does He Love Me??
    • Currently 3.1/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 32 comments

    This is a quiz to see if he REALLY likes you. to see if he is interseted in you. to see if he is in love with you with somone else. to see if your just dreamin and being his stocker. to see if it's time for you to just hang it up, or to see if your a matc

  • Taken 5K Times
    Which Baby gender will be best for you?
    • Currently 3.2/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 10 comments

    What baby gender are you going to have? This quiz will totaly tell exactley who you'll do best with!Will it be a girl? will it be a boy? This quiz will tell you!

  • Taken 8.7K Times
    What 80's song are you?
    • Currently 3/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 1 comment

    Every good 80's song has a meaning behind it- an element, if you will- that makes it unique from the others. It sets a mood in your mind as you listen to it?

  • Taken 4.1K Times
    r u a girly girl or a tomboy
    • Currently 3.3/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 13 comments

    there are many girly girls!! And there are also many tomboys too!! which one are you? if you don't know which one you are then take this quiz to find out!! hope you like this quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taken 1.9K Times
    Which Jonas Brother is Right For You?
    • Currently 3.6/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 3 comments

    Ever wondered which jonas brohter is right for you? Just because kevin/joe/nick is your favourite doesn't mean you will get on in real life. All three have very different and distinct personalitites.

  • Taken 7.7K Times
    The best guy for you! {girlz only}
    • Currently 3.7/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 27 comments

    Have you ever wondered what kind of guy likes you? Well, when you take this quiz you'll find out. Trust me you'll be pleasantly suprised 100% guaranteed.

  • Taken 6K Times
    What stuffed animal are you?
    • Currently 2.9/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 24 comments

    Do you like playing with stuffed animals or action figures? This quiz will tell you who you should be. Are you a cool cat or a dumb dog. Does everyone like you or are you a loner.

  • Taken 2.7K Times
    Which will fall for you part five!
    • Currently 4.5/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 54 comments

    Hey everybody, this is part five of my "which would fall for you" quiz series. Thank you all for commenting and rating on my quizzes, please continue to do so! I love reading your comments! Thank you also for helping make the other parts so popular.

  • Taken 7.9K Times
    What is the right guy/girl for you?
    • Currently 2.9/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 8 comments

    There are so many people out there,, but which one is for you? A good mate, afterall, is a smart guy with personnality and flair. Good style is important in this world aswell, so don't foregt about that!

  • Taken 12.6K Times
    What color lightsaber would you weild if you were a jedi?
    • Currently 3.2/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 6 comments

    Like Star Wars!!! Ever wounder what color lightsaber you would have if you were a jedi? Or did you just say "I like this color... so I would have that one."