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Numerous creatures are spawned from mythology. Unicorns, centaurs, fairies, dragons and others--the stuff of ancient legend. Ancient Greek literature provides many mythical creatures, as does Roman mythology, the writings of Dante, and others. We've assembled some quizzes created by GoToQuiz users on mythical creatures. Try them out!


Our Mythical Creature Quiz List

  • What fantasy creature would you be?
    [by: dead punk, rated: rated: 2.93/5, published: May 23, 2007]

    Fantasy tales across cultures have included tons of different creatures... big foot, unicorns, dragons. Which are you?

  • What Mythical Creature are you?
    [by: Grace, rated: rated: 3.95/5, published: Feb 5, 2007]

    I created this quiz on day out of awe of mythology. Myth and imagination are somewhat of a passion for me. Perhaps it is my ability to create drama and…

  • What mythical creature are you?
    [by: Brandy, rated: rated: 3.71/5, published: May 5, 2009]

    My quiz is about different mythical creatures you could be. There are several different outcomes to this quiz. A mythical creature is an animal that is…

  • What Is Your Mythical Creature?
    [by: Obscura, rated: rated: 3.55/5, published: May 12, 2010]

    Mythical creatures are the ultimate animals. Whether the awesome power of the dragon or the gentle companionship of the unicorn, these are the best creatures…

  • What Mythical Creature Are You?
    [by: China Anne McClain, rated: rated: 4.8/5, published: Apr 7, 2018]

    This quiz is basically you answering some questions and then however many points you get for each mythical creature has the most points is the creature you are.

  • What Mythical Creature Are You?
    [by: Lee_Laceration, rated: rated: 3.49/5, published: Jan 22, 2011]

    Your personality can affect what kind of mythical creature you would be, whether it be a vampire, troll, elf, etc...your creature is based on who you are and…

  • What Kind of Fairy Are You?
    [by: Jody Wallace, rated: rated: 3.45/5, published: Jul 15, 2008]

    Fairies come from a Realm that is near the human world but isn't a part of it. There are many fairies in humanspace, watching us, living amongst us. I have…

  • Which Mythological Creature are you?
    [by: Dragoness, rated: rated: 3.18/5, published: Jul 28, 2009]

    There are many people out there with a sense that there may be another world among this dimension. Mythology and creativity is what inspired me to make this…

  • What's your Changeling type?
    [by: Gothmom, rated: rated: 3.17/5, published: Sep 25, 2007]

    Changelings didn't really get a choice when their Fae masters kidnapped them. Luckily, you get to choose your "fate" by answering some simple questions about…

  • Which mystical creature are you?
    [by: Elizabeth, rated: rated: 3.06/5, published: Mar 13, 2008]

    You have heard all these stories about mystical creatures, magic and ghosts all your childhood. But what life would you choose to lead if you were in one? You…

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Mermaids Quizzes

  • What Color is Your Mermaid Tail?
    [by: Jewlz, rated: rated: 3.95/5, published: Feb 10, 2011]

    Do you believe in magic? Have you ever wanted to be something other than human? Mermaids, half human, half fish, are one of the most amazing mythical…

  • What's your mermaid name?
    [by: IsAwesome, rated: rated: 3.69/5, published: Aug 1, 2008]

    First of all a mermaid is creature that is half woman on the top part and has fish tail. Yes there are mermen too. They are just like mermaids but with a…

  • What is your mermaid power?
    [by: Silverfox24, rated: rated: 3.57/5, published: May 24, 2011]

    There are many different mermaid powers. Some are common, some not so common, but they are all out there. All mermaids have one, however they got their…

  • What is your mermaid power?
    [by: Mary, rated: rated: 4.3/5, published: Jul 14, 2012]

    Many people want to be mermaids. Some people think it is fantasy some people think it is real. Are there such things as mermaids? Or it is all just fake?

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