Who would be your FNIA girlfriend

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Ok thanks guys.Bye and thanks for your love,support and comments.I love you guys so i will see you later or around.Bye guys.Please take my other quizzes.Love you and Mangle.Bye.

Bye and We will see ya later so yeah.Bye and love ya.I can see you are busy.Bye and see ya around.Yay.I will see ya later.Bye yall and i will see you after this charges.

Created by: Mangle_Fox_
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2. What is your gender?
3. Ok first up Mangle Mangle:Hey there new night gaurd.Im Mangle. You:Hi. Mangle:Do you love clean places?
4. Mangle:Do you love kids[hopefully just in case]?
5. Me:Ok Bye Mangle.Bonnie's turn. Bonnie:God ive been here giving him a tour.Ok Do you love to have "fun"/fun?
6. Bonnie:Ok so would you choose me over those Rapist's G.Freddy and S.Trap?
No G.Freddy and S.Trap are way hotter than you.
7. Me:Ok bonnie you are up soon.Ok foxy...Foxy?FOXY.*Goes in cove and gets foxy but stays in with bonnie* Foxy:H...Hi D...do you mind I...If im S...Shy?
No its what makes you you
8. Foxy:Ok um Would you love me?
9. Me:Ok thats all for now Foxy.Ok Mangle can you come back? Mangle:Coming!Ok Do you think im Hot?It wont matter if you dont.
Yes your on fire.
No you ugly
10. Me:Ok Mangle please sit down. Bonnie:Can we date?
11. Me:Bonnie go sit next to Mangle. Foxy:Ok before we start*She huggs you making you blush*Ok Do you Hate my looks?
12. Me:Ok time for your choice.
Please be Mangle.
Please be Bonnie
Please be Foxy

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