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Health covers a diverse range of topics, which may be serious or fun, technical or entertaining. This category is ripe for trivia quizzes as well as self-assessments. Please know that that these quizzes are not doctor-approved! They are for personal enjoyment only.


    Our Health Quizzes

    • Kidney Health Quiz
      [by: Myron, rated: rated: 3.65/5, published: Oct 2, 2008]

      How strong is your kidney knowledge? Take this kidney health quiz and find out how much you know about kidney…

    • Lyme Disease Vocabulary
      [by: Ashley, rated: rated: 3.47/5, published: May 9, 2007]

      This is a quiz to help power your proficiency in the Lyme Disease vocabulary arena and if you don't like…

    • Are You a Hypochondriac?
      [by: Kirsty, rated: rated: 3.22/5, published: Sep 7, 2006]

      There are many people in this world who seem like a hypochondriac, but few true hypochondriacs. What…

    • How much do you know about lupus?
      [by: Molly, rated: rated: 2.95/5, published: Sep 8, 2009]

      Many people have heard the word lupus - or knows someone who knows someone who has it. This…

    • Health Trivia Quiz
      [by: Green Group, rated: rated: 2.9/5, published: Jun 6, 2009]

      Think you know a lot about health? Take this quiz to find out (and to learn a lot too)! All of the…

    • Healthy LifeStyle Quiz
      [by: Group_1, rated: rated: 2.88/5, published: May 31, 2008]

      Many people in the world today are not living healthy lifestyles, they are either consuming the wrong…

    • Take our Folic Acid Challenge! How much do you know??
      [by: Go Folic, rated: rated: 2.85/5, published: Aug 30, 2009]

      Go Folic! Cares about your health. So we've created this quiz to let you…

    • How much do you really know about pregnancy?
      [by: Sharon, rated: rated: 2.7/5, published: Aug 14, 2009]

      As an obstetrical nurse, I deal with alot of pregnant woman. Many of them do not…

    • Pancreatic Cancer Facts Quiz
      [by: Ami and Nazia, rated: rated: 1.71/5, published: May 11, 2008]

      This test was made to increase pancreatic cancer awareness, and we hope that you learn a lot from…

    Diet & Weight-loss Quizzes

    • How Much Have Your Learned About Disordered Eating?
      [by: Amanda & Kristin, rated: rated: 3.09/5, published: Apr 17, 2008]

      Disordered eating can be a tricky concept - it's not officially classified by…

    • Healthy Eating Quiz
      [by: keira, rated: rated: 2.86/5, published: Mar 8, 2008]

      Healthy eating is all around us. It has got more popular to be healthy since fast food have come around. But…

    • How much do you know about Nutrition?
      [by: Ramich, rated: rated: 2.71/5, published: Jan 25, 2010]

      Ever thought that you eat well? Well... maybe you don't. Someone who knows that they eat…

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