Kidney Health Quiz

How strong is your kidney knowledge? Take this kidney health quiz and find out how much you know about kidney disease! Knowing the basics about your kidneys is the first step in preventing kidney disease.

Don't take chances with your health! Do you know where your kidneys are located or what the leading causes of kidney disease is? Take this short kidney quiz and find out!

Created by: Myron of American Kidney Fund
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1. What is the leading causes of kidney disease?
Urinary tract infection
Kidney stones
Eating too few kidney beans
2. Who is at increased risk of developing kidney disease?
African Americans
Native Americans
Hispanic Americans
Asian Americans
All of the above
3. More Americans die from kidney failure per year than from breast and prostate cancer combined?
4. What percent of Americans with severe kidney damage were aware of their condition according to a recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health?
42 percent
55 percent
76 percent
88 percent
5. What’s the average length of time a kidney failure patient spends on dialysis a week?
1 - 3 hours
4 - 8 hours
9 - 15 hours
16 - 21 hours
6. How many Americans are currently waiting to receive a donated kidney?
7. What’s the record for the longest number of years a patient has survived on dialysis?
9 years
17 years
22 years
More than 39 years
8. How many kidneys do most bodies have?
9. Where are your kidneys located?
in your back, just below your rib cage
in your back, behind your lungs
near your bladder
by your belly button
10. Which of the following are main functions of your kidneys?
to help get rid of waste and extra fluid
to clean the blood
to help keep your blood pressure normal
all of the above

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