How Much Have Your Learned About Disordered Eating?

Disordered eating can be a tricky concept - it's not officially classified by the DSM-VI but it's still a struggle that many college students face. Establishing a dialogue on the topic can encourage people to look at their own eating habits and determine if they truly have a good relationship with food or not. We pass on myths and negative messages about eating from generation to generation and it's about time for it to stop.

Between what we learn from our parents, the media, the internet and our peers, our concepts of nutrition and what is "healthy" are often incorrect. Dieting and food restriction have become altogether too normalized and it's time for the public perception of that to change and for there to be an emphasis on intuitive eating.

Created by: Amanda & Kristin of Disordered Eating
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1. What does E.D.N.O.S stand for?
Eating Disorders, Nothing Otherwise Shown
Eating Doesn't Normalize or Stabilize
Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
2. Will all disordered eaters eventually develop an eating disorder?
3. What percentage of women on college campuses attempted to control their weight through dieting?
4. A person who is very conscious of eating healthy foods and cuts out unnecessary fats, cabs and sweets may have
body dysmorphic disorder
anorexia athletica
5. Which statement is correct in characterizing Body Dysmorphic Disorder?
You're just seeing your body in a way that it isn't or trying to achieve something you can't.
Restrictive eating limited to foods traditionally considered "healthy"
Bingeing and purging on food
6. Dieting and diet-related products are a $___ dollar industry in America
$50 billion
$40 billion
$30 billion
7. _ out of 5 American women are dissatisfied with their appearance.
8. Someone who diets off and on is not a disordered eater.
9. Which statement would someone with disordered eating issues say?
"I ate cake yesterday, so today I'll skip lunch."
"I ate cake yesterday, so today I'll throw up my lunch."
"I ate cake yesterday, so this week I won't eat at all."
10. The internet plays little to no role in disordered eating.

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