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Healthy eating is all around us. It has got more popular to be healthy since fast food have come around. But what seems to get more highlight is loss weight which you can't do with out healthy eating there might be short cuts but then you put you health at risk.

see how much you know about healthy eating. whats good for you and whats not by taking this simple quiz to see how much you know and see what you can improve on.

Created by: keira
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1. What are the main food groups?
Grain, Dairy, Fats, Fruits, Veg, Meat, Protien.
Salts, Fats, Meat, Veg, Fish, Protien.
Sugars, Fruits, Meat, Dairy, Wheat
2. Saturated fatty acids incress the chances of getting these problems?
Diabetes, Gaining weight, Hormonal problems.
Pancreas cancer, Low blood presure, cholesterol
Heart disease, High blood presure, High cholesterol.
3. which food group should you have the most of and which other group should you have the least of?
Dairy, Veg.
Grain, Fats.
Meat, Grain.
4. What is it called if you have more of one food group than others?
5. what is a 'Fad Diet'?
The healthiest way to lose weight
A quick way to lose weight.
A crash diet thats bad for you.
6. What do Doctors say that you need 5 a day of?
Fruit and Veg.
Fats and Sugar.
Meat and Protien.
7. Which food contains iron?
Fruit, Dairy, Veg.
Meat, Green leafy veg, Pulses.
Meat, Fat, Sugars, Salts.
8. How many glasses of water should you drink each day?
2 glasses.
6 glasses.
4 glasses.
9. which food contains vitamin c?
Citris fruits.
10. How often should you eat fast food?
3 times a week.
once a week.
2 a week.

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