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  • What...happened?
    "Well pretty bad My dad is too old to work now so its up to me to pay the house rent, my brother's school fees and stuff :/ Been "
  • What...happened?
    "yeah it has"
  • What...happened?
    "That you have a baby Didn't realize it is that long xD"
  • What...happened?
    "Oh... That is interesting"
  • What...happened?
    "So true"
  • Gtq Guy I must ask
    "Ohhh I think it is better in the navigation xD my bad. I never noticed that ;P"
  • Gtq Guy I must ask
    "Do you plan on phasing out the forums now? The fact that it no longer shows up on the front page probably means no new users will come"
  • Hi
    "Yeah So did we ever chat before or is this the first time?"
  • Hi
    "Not bad. Just thought I would drop in and see how my Gtq is... Turns out not so good :("
  • Hi
    "How is everyone doing "
  • "I once forgot the word "play" and I couldn't figure out how to tell my friends that I was "playing" with my cat. Yes it was awkward, n"
  • New thought...
    "Lets try reviving all the forums before making new ones :) Generally speaking- Most forums are not being used for what they are actual"
  • Could this get unlocked
  • "Everyone thinks that xD"
  • "How many more to go?"

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