What is your Greek Godly name?

The Greek Gods and Goddesses are perharps the most commonly known Gods and Goddesses. This quiz's results is of the 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses, well, 10 actually. Each God or Goddess has an interesting "past experiance" and im sure each of them have a long story to tell. Anyway, find out what is your Greek Godly name!

This is a long delayed quiz, meant to have been out about a few weeks ago, oops :/ anyway, i hope you like the quiz, and enjoy it too, and find out what is your Greek Godly name!

Created by: Kish
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You are given the option of being a God or Goddess. Who would you be?
God of light and the sun /or\ Goddess of the forest and hills
God of the dead and riches /or\ Goddess of love and beauty
God of warfare /or\ Goddess of wisdom and civilization
God of technology and volcanoes /or\ Goddess of earth and agriculture
God of the sky /or\ Goddess of women and birth
I don't know
4. Which of these symbols do you like the most? (1)
Bow and arrow, and a raven
3 headed dog
Spear, a helmet and a dog
Eagle, bull, or a thunderbolt
None of these, /or/ i don't know
5. Which of these symbols do you like the most? (2)
A rose, a dolphine or a dove
Hunting dog or the moon
Torch or a lion
Peacock or a feather
None of these /or\ i don't know
6. Are you good at music, poetry or arts?
Im good at music (i can sing or dance)
Im good at poetry
Im good at arts
Im alittle good at all of these
Im not good at any of these
7. What are/were your grades in school?
Mostly A's
Mostly A's and B's
Mostly A's, B's and C's
Mostly D's
8. Do you want to be rich when you grow up?
Yeah, i want to be very rich
All i want is to have enough riches for my whole life
I just want to have enough riches to look after my family
Im rich already
Unknown/ Undecided/ I don't know
9. Are you in constant fights? (or arguments?)
I always seem to be involved in fights
I always seem to be involved in arguments
Alittle of both
Im hardly in a fight or argument
I have no one to fight or argue with
10. Would you like to live in the olden days where swords and spears were still used for battle or remain in the modern days where guns and bombs are used for battle?
Olden days sounds fun
Im ok where im right now
Well, i would like to know how it feels to live in the olden days but i still like where im living now
I wish i never lived in any of these days
I don't know
11. In your group of friends, are you the leader or the follower?
The leader
The follower
Alittle of both
I don't have much friends
I don't know
12. Two guys (or girls) ask you out. 1 guy (girl) is hot, but with a not so good personality, and the other guy (girl) has an awesome personality but not that hot. Who would you choose? (be honest!)
The hot guy (girl)
The guy (girl) with an awesome personality
Reject them both
Go out with one guy (girl) then go out with the other guy (girl) on a another day.
I don't know
13. Are you an animal lover?
Yes, i love animals!
I like animals, not love them
They ok
Only my favourite animals
I hate animals
14. Im sure you love eating?
Ofcourse! I can't stop eating
I like the food, not to eat, but the food
I eat to live (i eat when im hungry)
I have to eat, but i avoid it when i can
I don't understand
15. What do you think of kids?
I love kids?
They ok
Im kid too you know
I hate kids
I don't understand

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