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This is our top level category for quizzes on religion. If you are interested in exploring various faiths, or simply testing your knowledge of your own religious belief, these will be helpful resources. We have a number of sub-categories for various religions as well.


Our Quizzes on Religion & Spirituality

  • How Tao Art Thou?
    [by: Dr. Philip Bonifonte, rated: rated: 3.26/5, published: Jul 8, 2006]

    "Taoists come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, nationalities...but what IS a Taoist? One of the "Big Three" native belief systems of China, Taoism…

  • Going to Heaven? Or to Hell?
    [by: Peter Principle, rated: rated: 3.3/5, published: May 18, 2009]

    The eternal fate of your soul... no biggie, right? Haha! Actually, this may be the most important test you ever take in your entire life. I am not…

  • The Religious Identity Test
    [by: Dave, rated: rated: 3.08/5, published: Apr 4, 2007]

    Many people never give much thought to their religious identity, but in fact our views on religion say a lot about us. What are your views on religion, and…

  • Who's That Fundamentalist?
    [by: Atheist Exile, rated: rated: 3.08/5, published: Jun 4, 2010]

    There are many religious folks who have become famous for their fundamentalist beliefs. Whether they're Protestants, Catholics or Muslims, it's amazing how…

  • Which God or Goddess are you like?
    [by: sithrules, rated: rated: 2.91/5, published: Apr 25, 2007]

    There are people out there who dont know how much we resemble our creaters. They go on living thinking that we just came to be. Thats not the case. We are…

  • How evil are you?
    [by: AngelZlayer, rated: rated: 2.05/5, published: Jul 2, 2006]

    The world has 2 sides: Good and Evil, light and darkness, love and hate, yin and yang. There are those who fight to make the world a better place, and then…

  • Zoroastrianism Quiz
    [by: Double E, rated: rated: 0.5/5, published: Nov 25, 2015]

    Do you know some basic facts about Zoroastrianism? See how many you can get right.

Buddhism Quizzes

  • Do You Know About Buddhism
    [by: Lee Rivera, rated: rated: 2.81/5, published: May 3, 2009]

    Take the quiz and test yourself! Remember: When the mind begins to become still, we then begin to truly see it. When you first try to stabilize and pacify the…

  • Buddhist Revision Guide 1: Buddha begins!
    [by: Anna P, rated: rated: 2.73/5, published: Feb 19, 2007]

    OK ... I created this quiz so me and my friends could revise the Buddhism section for our R.E GCSEs... but if anyone else thinks that they want to see if they…

Christianity Quizzes

Find them on our Christianity page.

Esoteric and Occult Quizzes

  • What occult power best suits you?
    [by: Brandon, rated: rated: 3.47/5, published: May 13, 2006]

    There are many Powers of the mind but which one best suits you ? Wicca? Occultist?Psychic ?NORMAL doesn't matter what you practice there is a power that…

Islam Quizzes

  • Test Your Islamic Knowledge!
    [by: Fares, rated: rated: 3.21/5, published: Mar 8, 2007]

    Test how much you know about Islam. This is an introductory Islam quiz. If you are a Muslim, many of these are fundamental knowledge that you must possess. I…

  • Islamic Trivia Quiz
    [by: amazon, rated: rated: 3.02/5, published: Dec 25, 2007]

    There are many people that know about islam, but few are true islamic geniuses. Islamic geniuses know of the Quran, it's history, it's prophet, and more.

Judaism Quizzes

  • How religious are you (only for judaism)?
    [by: Mark, rated: rated: 3.25/5, published: Jan 28, 2007]

    There are many jewish people. But only half are very religious. Some may be going to Hebrew school, getting a Hebrew name, and getting a Bar/Bat mitzvah,…

  • What Rabbinic School Do You Belong To?
    [by: doomsayer, rated: rated: 2.86/5, published: Jan 31, 2008]

    Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Ishmael symbolize two fields of thought in Jewish theology. For over a millennium and a half, their ideologies have clashed against one…

  • Do you love your synagogue?
    [by: Rabbi, rated: rated: 2.56/5, published: Jan 8, 2007]

    This quiz will determine how much you like your synagogue. This test will reflect upon your personality and will give you tips on how to improve your feelings…

New Age Quizzes

  • What Color Is Your Aura?
    [by: Claire Dean, rated: rated: 4.03/5, published: Feb 27, 2007]

    Auras are an electromagnetic field that surrounds every living thing in the universe. If you relax your eye and look at the "empty" space around your friends…

  • What Element Moves Your Spirit?
    [by: Wisteria Moon, rated: rated: 3.98/5, published: Jun 30, 2006]

    There are four elements in this world that work together to keep the natural balance, and one element that ties them all together. These elements are Earth,…

  • What color is your aura?
    [by: Rave St. Germene, rated: rated: 3.71/5, published: May 8, 2010]

    Everyone in the world has an aura. An aura looks like a glow or rings of color around your body. Some colors are centered on certain, specific places while…

  • How Old Is Your Soul?
    [by: Christopher, rated: rated: 3.65/5, published: Apr 8, 2008]

    Ever wonder if you're an old soul or a newcomer to this reality? What are the characteristics of an old soul? How do you know if you have passed to a new soul…

  • What Gemstone is your Heart?
    [by: Jet, rated: rated: 4.75/5, published: Dec 6, 2017]

    Hello, my dear quiz taker, and welcome to "What Gemstone is your Heart?"! We don't know why for sure, but humans have always been attracted to geodes and…

Pagan Quizzes

  • Who is your Tiki Spirit?
    [by: Arxryl, rated: rated: 3.48/5, published: Aug 11, 2008]

    In Hawaii they are known as Ki'i's, and in Polonysia, they are regarded by their more popular name, Tikis. Tiki statues are used for many purposes both…

  • What Greek God or Goddess Are You?
    [by: Kim, rated: rated: 3.61/5, published: May 10, 2007]

    I like Greek God and Goddesses and believe it would be fun to see which God or Goddesses you resemble. I did some research on this subject. I hope people…

  • Who's Your Greek God Parent?
    [by: creative, rated: rated: 3.53/5, published: Feb 11, 2011]

    If you think you are a demi-god, then try out this quiz. Find out who your Olympian Parent is! Reasonable questions comes with reasonable answers that will…

  • Which God or Goddess are you?
    [by: thebanshee, rated: rated: 3.38/5, published: Nov 19, 2006]

    There is a little God or Goddess in us all. The Greek Gods and Goddesses laid down the fundamental building blocks of our society today. Their stories have…

  • Which Greek Mythology character are you?
    [by: Nathan Inc., rated: rated: 2.85/5, published: Dec 24, 2008]

    I'll beat you like greek mythology. If so, this is your quiz! Click on me to find out what kind of character from Greek Mythology you are!! Or, you might not…

Unitarianism and Universalism Quizzes

  • How UU are you?
    [by: Pierce Phillips, rated: rated: 3.01/5, published: Feb 21, 2007]

    There are many religious beliefs in this world. Where do yours fall on the scale of tolerance and open-mindedness? Do you think that only your faith has…

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