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  • I m a turtle

    Etini Nov 15 '15, 11:11AM
  • 81%150! O.o Ok and YAY!!

    Say wha Mar 5 '15, 3:24AM
  • 61 to 72! :D

    Tigers123 Jan 13 '14, 12:48AM
  • 50-60 yrs old

    coolme3 Jan 1 '14, 9:23PM
  • 72%
    My oh my, I think we have a future over 100 year old person right here huh. The Death Clock is really really really slow for, you shall see generations and generations pass by before you move on. The Death Clock predicts that you will reach between the ages of 81 to 150

    Wow! cool lol

    DarthVader Sep 3 '13, 12:38AM
  • Im a turtle :P

    shoottowin Aug 7 '13, 3:54AM
  • I ish a turtle!

    wolf_heart Aug 6 '13, 1:47PM
  • 61 to some other number i forgot xP

    Omega_Wolf Aug 5 '13, 10:20PM
  • I always get things like the turtle. :D It's creepy awesome though.

    LittleRosie Aug 5 '13, 9:52PM
  • Haha I'm a turtle.

    DaughterOfApollo Aug 5 '13, 7:31PM
  • I got 40 or below... No way I hope the creator of this quiz dies before me xP XDDD

    Kish Aug 5 '13, 12:29PM
  • i am a death/turtle xD

    first comment

    DEATH__ Aug 5 '13, 12:20PM

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