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  • Taken 5.9K Times
    why don't we fall in love
    • Currently 3.2/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    This paragraph is about the love of a boy band and their true worth they love to do fun and exciting stuff do the quiz and find out who you will fall in love with

  • Taken 1.1K Times
    How well do you know Alex/ CraftedRL?
    • Currently 4.5/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    This a quiz about the one and only ALEX WASSABI!! Wait... no I mean Alex aka CraftedRL! Alex is a quite well known YouTuber, aiming for 1,000,000 subscribers!

  • Taken 1.7K Times
    Which member of the little club are you?
    • Currently 3.1/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 1 comment

    Some people love the little club some don't? Well you need to know so how about you come to this quiz to find out all that information! Also do you know if you are a real fan? Well you can find out in this quiz!

  • Taken 913 Times
    Which Pals Member Are You
    • Currently 3.7/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    There Are Some People Out There Who Think They Already Know Which Pals Member They Are. Well It's Time To See Which Pals Member You Really Are. Are You Ready

  • Taken 902 Times
    How well do you know Degrassi: Next Class?
    • Currently 4.3/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    Have you ever seen the famous Canadian show Degrassi? If so, how well do you know it? It seems easy and it probably is, just try and get every question right!!

  • Taken 1.7K Times
    Do you need to wear nappies?
    • Currently 3.6/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    This is a quick, 15 question, quiz to see if you need nappies. This quiz will help determine if you need taped nappies, pull ups, goodnites or none. Note: This is a joke so don't take to seriously.

  • Taken 1.1K Times
    which emo band member are you!
    • Currently 3.8/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    im assuming all of you guys are emo, and you have come to the right place! this is the, what emo band member are you quiz! take a quick test to find out who you are!

  • Taken 985 Times
    How well do you know DenisDaily?
    • Currently 4.2/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    Everyone has their favorite YouTuber, and knowing them very well can mean something to them. If you're a fan of DenisDaily, this may just be the quiz for you.

  • Taken 870 Times
    DenisDaily quiz
    • Currently 3.5/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    Hello if you got a very high score that good job if you didn't then hey you cany win them all so that you for comeing and playing my quiz about DenisDaily!!!

  • Taken 1.6K Times
    How much of a bigot are you?
    • Currently 3.9/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 3 comments

    There are many definitions and claims of what others perceive to be bigoted. Have you ever wondered who's a bigot, have you been called a bigot, after all, can we truly know? Maybe so, find out soon.