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  • 1.4K
    What yandere simulator rival you are (girls)
    rated: 3.7/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 1.4K times | 0 comments

    There are many rivals in yandere simulator. What is yandere simulator? Well yandere simulator is a game **not yet complete**.It is a game with ten …

  • 2.6K
    Which Character whould you be in Star Wars Universe?
    rated: 4.12/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 2.6K times | 3 comments

    Everybody knows the saga "Star Wars", but the Universe where the movies happens, is so much bigger than just what we see in the movies. If you are …

  • 1.6K
    How should you be punished?
    rated: 3.61/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 1.6K times | 0 comments

    This is a randomized quiz to determine an appropriate punishment for general wrongdoing. In taking this quiz, you agree to abide by the results. It's …

  • 5.3K
    Who should you date in the boys of why don’t we ?
    rated: 3.37/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 5.3K times | 1 comment

    The boy band why don’t we is soooooo cute! We fell in love with them... and we wanna date them sooooooooooooo bad... like sooooooooooo bad!!! Like …

  • 1.7K
    Are you a bully?
    rated: 3.64/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 1.7K times | 1 comment

    This quiz is to see if you are a bully, there is, um....uhhh like 7 questions? And don't lie your answers cause if you do i'll, um I'll cry! DON'T …

  • 844
    Which Alt-Right Figurehead are you?
    rated: 3.5/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 844 times | 1 comment

    You see so many parts of the alt right, sometimes working as a well oiled machine, and sometimes creaking against each other. Find out where you fit …

  • 1.7K
    Are You Too Fat
    rated: 3.73/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 1.7K times | 1 comment

    A measurement free quiz revealing what body size you have Going in this order skinny average pudgy chubby fat obese morbidly obese i hope you enjoy... …

  • 600
    What type of mapper are you?
    rated: 2.87/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 600 times | 2 comments

    There are many mappers out there and it may be hard to know what style they belong to. This quiz can also help you find out style you use to do …

  • 4.3K
    The Greatest Showman (Main) Character Quiz
    rated: 3.65/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 4.3K times | 1 comment

    The Greatest Showman is a fantastic musical that demonstrates many different personalities through its diverse characters. Therefore, as someone who …

  • 1.8K
    Who are in the exploring crew
    rated: 3.15/5Promoted 5 months ago | taken 1.8K times | 1 comment

    This quiz is so you know who you are in the exploring crew are you josh or John Cody vs Steve test ok that's about it so found out who you are …