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    What Dog Breed are You?
    • Currently 4.1/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 3 comments

    From hundreds of breeds of dogs, which one are you? This quiz only features five of them, but these dogs are as widely spread as I could in personality. Dogs are amazing animals - no one can deny that.

  • Taken 1.4K Times
    How romantic are you
    • Currently 3.9/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 1 comment

    Well everybody has some romance in them. What it romance we'll it's love no matter if your a boy, girl young, old you can always have romance in you.

  • Taken 592 Times
    Which Detective Conan Character Are You?
    • Currently 3.6/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    "There are many detective conan characters. Which character is most fit with you? But in this quiz there's only 6 characters. Ran, Shinichi, Heiji, Kazuha, Tomoaki and Detective Boys."

  • Taken 1.1K Times
    What spanking do you deserve
    • Currently 1.6/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    Whatever you got good luck on your spanking I'm sure it will hurt very much so I wish you very much good luck whoever you are love you bye bye bye bye

  • Taken 611 Times
    How Well Do You Know Denis Daily?
    • Currently 4.3/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 1 comment

    There are many amazing YouTubers out there, and they really shine! But who is in the spotlight? Denis Daily! Or, he is close :) Denis is a 21 year old gamer, and has over 2 million fans!

  • Taken 1.5K Times
    How Long Will You Live?
    • Currently 2.8/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    Man is mortal. One day all will have to die. An average human lives for 75 years. Then their expiry date arrives. But, how can we know when we will die?

  • Taken 508 Times
    Which Wadanohara character are you most like?
    • Currently 4.5/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    I was bored so I wanted to make this quiz - just a note that due to the limit of how many results I can add only major characters were put in here. Also, this may not be the most accurate thing in the world because it is fandmade, after all.

  • Taken 383 Times
    Tekken quizz for all Tekken fans
    • Currently 2.6/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 1 comment

    Just a quiz for TEKKEN fans to test how will you know and love the TEKKEN series! and please give it your honest shot and don't cheat! as that will ruin your experience!

  • Taken 685 Times
    Which Type of Landscape Are You?
    • Currently 4.4/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 1 comment

    Imagine for a moment that you are a piece of landscape--a sharp mountain peak, maybe. Or perhaps a sprawling field. Someplace whimsical, or something more practical. What type of landscape represents your personality?

  • Taken 689 Times
    How full is your bladder??
    • Currently 5/5
    Promoted 34 days ago | 0 comments

    How full is your bladder? Take this test only if you really want to know, as it will involve pocking and prodding your nether regions to find out. Are you dry as a bone? Or fit to burst?