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  • 3.9K
    Are you a true OKC Thunder Fan?
    rated: 3.32/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 3.9K times | 0 comments

    There are many fans of sports out there but some are loyal, fake or just plain average. A fan is someone who rallies everyone to support the team. …

  • 4K
    The itsfunneh quiz :)
    rated: 3.43/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 4K times | 0 comments

    I know you can be a genius, everyone can do you have the magic of getting 100% on the funneh quiz and I believe in you. Continue your brain. Leave the …

  • 1.7K
    What Tattoo Should You Get?
    rated: 3.19/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 1.7K times | 2 comments

    Lots of people get tattoos now-a-days. There's even TV shows about tattoo shops. This is a 12 question quiz that will give you a tattoo suggestion …

  • 1.2K
    What member of The Pals are you
    rated: 4.01/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 1.2K times | 1 comment

    Do you like the pals? Do you hate the pals? Who knows. Today you will figure out what pal member are you. This is not sponsered by them and please …

  • 786
    Animalium Arcana Furniversity Sorting Quiz
    rated: 4.22/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 786 times | 1 comment

    Arizona Fur Con is fast approaching, take our quiz to find out which den you are a part of, then join your den mates and get ready for a magical …

  • 3.8K
    What Punishment Do You Deserve?
    rated: 3.14/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 3.8K times | 1 comment

    Have you been bad lately? It is time to find out what your parents get to do to you. I hope you have a fun time. You parents will have fun seeing what …

  • 2.2K
    What NFL team would draft me
    rated: 2.82/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 2.2K times | 0 comments

    Do you have what it takes to get drafted? Well Maybe. If you take tis quiz you will get drafted to a team not any team a team. This is my first quiz …

  • 2.7K
    Your inflation!
    rated: 4.64/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 2.7K times | 0 comments

    Ever wonder what becoming a blueberry would be like? Surfing the web for weird quizzes? Have a blueberry fetish? Well this is the quiz for you! In …

  • 1.6K
    What YouTuber would you date?
    rated: 2.7/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 1.6K times | 0 comments

    There are youtubers out there. Any age any height any size. Looking for love or not. Short or tall. Fat or skinny. Vegetarian or not vegetarian. Male …

  • 2.2K
    What age do you look like?
    rated: 3.06/5Promoted 11 months ago | taken 2.2K times | 4 comments

    It's strange how some people look like teenagers while others do not age gracefully. I once knew a woman in her thirties who looked like she was 12, …