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There are few people who truly know their wine facts. To be a true wine expert is to be quite exceptional. What is a wine expert? A wine expert is someone who has an abundant wealth of knowledge about wine, and is able to see it as more than just another alcoholic beverage. They also see the world of wine making through an entirely novel point of view.

Are YOU an expert on wine? Do you have the knowledge and the cultural background to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

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1. What does the vintage date on a wine bottle indicate?
A. The year the grapes were picked
B. The year the wine was bottled
C. The winemaker's birthday
D. The date the vineyard was founded
2. Which one of these is NOT a variety of grape used for wine production?
A. Merlot
B. Cabernet Sauvingnon
C. Shirazonnay
D. Pinot grigio
3. About how many gallons of wine are produced from one acre of grapevines?
A. Ten
B. Eight Hundred
C. Twenty Thousand
D. One and Three-Quarters
4. What does the word "cru" on a wine bottle mean?
A. You should invite your whole crew over to enjoy it
B. The wine has been ranked or graded in some way
C. The wine needs a minimum of five years of aging before opening
D. The wine was produced at temperatures below 59ðF
5. Who built the first new winery in Napa Valley after prohibition?
A. Woodrow Wilson
B. Paul Masson
C. Robert Mondavi
D. Solomon Manischewitz
6. What is the reason for storing wine bottles on their sides?
A. To keep the cork from drying out
B. They take up less space
C. To keep sediment from collecting at the bottom
D. For ease in inserting a tap
7. What are the wine streaks left on a glass after swirling called?
A. Arms
B. Drool
C. Streakification
D. Legs
8. What is a good temperature to store your red wine?
A. Between 25 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit
B. Anywhere below 70 degrees Fahrenheit
C. Between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit
D. Exactly 32.7 degrees Celsius
9. How many calories are in a four ounce glass of red wine?
A. Exactly 67 calories
B. About 55 calories
C. Around 73 calories
D. Approximately 85 calories
10. To best release the aromas and flavors of a wine, glasses should be filled:
A. Halfway full
B. One-third full
C. All the way full
D. Why dirty a glass when you can

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