Test Your Wine Knowledge

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paintcan said:
Apr 23 '13, 12:17PM

I got 60% but that quiz is so-so..
First question I thought I clicked right answer but it didn't score that way.Only wrong answer I feel goofy about is wine per acre.
I have a 300+/- wine stock at home. I think most bottles in there are better than the 60% would say I was capable of selecting ! Cheers :>)

Angpungkao said:
Jan 12 '13, 7:01AM

wow I got 80%

skatterbrain said:
Nov 7 '11, 3:40AM

i got 40% i love this quiz!

Peter Principle said:
Dec 13 '09, 6:20PM

Nice quiz. I got 60%, oh well!

vinaliz said:
Dec 14 '08, 8:05PM

good quiz for beginners--good intro for wine terms and language

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