Water, Cola, Wine, Whiskey or Cocktails

Discover. what sort of drink are you, emotional wise - Nice and Sweet? Strong? Bitter? Come on Become something amazing.. Become a drink today. Any day!

What are you? the question that remains.. so i'll calm you do with..."Drink up me friend, yo ho" (changed to avoid copyrighting) Wine? Whiskey? Water? Cocktails or Cola? to many options.. so little time.

Created by: Steffi of Steffi's
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your at a party with 3 other friends, John is meant to drive you home, but he is already drunk. what do you do?
John still taking you home! he said he would!
call a taxi or your family to get home
drive everyone home instead
Drive your other 2 friends but john
Find a hotel/motel to stay at that night.
4. You've run over your friends cat! that one she won some many prizes with! what do you do?
Hide it in the back of the car
Hide in the land around the house
Leave it on the street
Go and get your Friend
Tell your mate you saw a old lady over the cat!
5. Your date is flirting with a member of the other sex. your getting Jealsous, you want it to stop how do you go about doing that?
You dont, you look another way
You walk over and kiss your date
you go over and tell them you want to go home
you go and introduct yourself as his date
you walk over and see how he introducts you
you wave at him from afar and put on your best smile
6. At a family dinner no one talks, so when clearing the table you dropped a tray. it smashed, what do you say or do?
Say nothing, and clean it up
Smile shyly and whisper "Sorry"
Ask "Can someone help me?"
Point out how funny it was.
Use it to start some talking
7. When going to the markets you run into your neighbour, she has a tampon hanging from her bag. do your tell her?
you would point it out qiuckly
you would try to knock it out
you would tell her nicely
you'd act like you didnt see it
you'd ask if she has something in her bag, like a tussie or pen
8. Its late your going home from work to a nice home cooked meal from your room mate, but well your friend calls and wants you to come around. do u say no?
You say you cant make it today, but u'll try for the morning
you point out you've just ended work
Say you'll be there soon
Offer for her to have a home cooked meal at yours
Just say you can't
9. Your dancing with some one you just meet, they offers to buy you a drink. but your not to sure about them still
Offer to continue Dancing
say no, and head back to ur friends
say yes and dont really drink it
ask for a water
head over with him to the bar
10. Your mate is getting married. but his cold feet have him confusing to loving another girl. how to you help?
tell him to call the wedding off
tell him its all alright, just cold feet
tell his bride to be about his real love
tell him to run off and you'll deal with the guests
11. Your cheating on your partner, but while cheating you think you've found a soul mate.. what do you do?
give up on the soulmate
tell your partner the truth
break up with the partner, and then wait awhile before telling everyone about the soulmate
ask each of your loves what they think of you then choose
keep cheating. no one know yet right?
12. Do you lie about your age?
Depends who i'm talking to

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