How GERMAPHOBIC are you?

We all like to keep clean, for the most part. But, there are some who go overboard...these cleanliness ninjas are known commonly as: GERMAPHOBES. You can find at least one in every social group. They are often referred to as "the cleaner" or "Mr. OCD" But no matter what they are definately the cleanest and most paranoid people who walk this fine planet.

Could you be one of these people? Do you appreciate no-touch water faucets in bathrooms a little too much? Do you sanitize hourly? Do you even known what the word "sanitize" means? Well, come and find out...

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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. In a public bathroom, you try your hardest not to touch...
The Seat
The Faucet Handles
The Paper Towel Dispenser Knob
The Door Handle
i don't really think about it...
4. Someone asks you for a sip of your drink from a water bottle; you...
Turn them away in disgust
Let them, but wipe their 'germs' away afterwards
Tell them not to touch the rim with their mouth, GROSS!
Let them, but tell them not to backwash...
Give it up without a don't care
It depends on the relationship of the 'sipper'
5. The first thing you do when you get home from school/work is...
Throw your stuff anywhere and relax.
Head straight for the 'fridge
Take a shower.
6. You find a hair in your food while out to eat. What is your reaction?
Politely notify the waiter and ask for a new meal.
Scream and possibly cry upon sighting it and refuse to eat there again
remove it and keep eating...
Remove it and then tell the waiter..maybe you'll get a free dessert
7. You go camping and have forgotten your
deal with it and just rinse off everyday
soap?...i bathe in the lake!
use someone else's
refuse to rest until you find a place to buy a bar
8. someone you have just met kisses you on the feel...
absolutely disgusted
a little awkward...
you cant wait until they turn around so you can wipe it away
9. A friend is chewing with their mouth open. After a few minutes you decide to...
politely mention that its a little rude
give them a dirty look and walk away
yell at them to stop being a slob!
do nothing
10. In conversation with an aquaintance, a tiny bit of spit lands on your arm. What do you do?
Casually wipe it off when they aren't looking
Call them out on it, laugh, but then have them wipe it off for you
Laugh if they notice and wipe it away...if they don't then just leave it
11. A teammate asks to borrow your deodorant BEFORE a sports event (*they are not yet sweaty) Do you let them?
Yes, but look as if i am not happy to be sharing it so maybe they decide not to use it
No, but you find a way to make it unoffensive to them
Yea, you don't care
Sure, as long as they seem like a fairly clean person
12. How many of the following items to you regularly have on you/somewhere close to you: hand sanitizer, hand wipes, latex or rubber gloves, tissues, alcohol swabs
6 + some related items that were left out...
13. how many times a day do you wash your hands honestly...
maybe once or twice, if i have gone to the bathroom
hardly at all, even if i have used the bathroom...
3-4 times
5 times or more
any time there is an opportunity

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