How GERMAPHOBIC are you?

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BonJovi17 said:
Jan 14 '18, 2:28PM

You aren't a germaphobe, but you're not dirty either. This is a good balance, be proud! This means you are aware of what is gross but you don't let it take over your life, the little stuff doesn't bother you.


Mimz said:
Jul 3 '16, 5:35AM

76% germaphobe but the most important question which wasn't in the quiz would be about other people being sick. Sick people spread lots of germs.

Germaphobegirl said:
Jun 16 '15, 2:52PM

I got 67% germaphobic which is not accurate for me because I am Germaphobe Girl and even have a blog about it at [no urls] I think that I am probably somewhere around 90% or higher for a germaphobe and that the quiz didn't calculate this because of the questions asked and also the answer choices.

Arriba said:
Jan 18 '15, 11:33PM

0% germaphobic. But then I knew that anyway. I got dirty a lot as a little kid and as an adult I worked at jobs that required that I get dirty. I figure that I have a better immune system for it. After all if you're hardly ever exposed to germs, it's difficult to build immunity. Works for me! ;-}


Tosha said:
Jul 18 '13, 12:18AM

Oops... typing too fast from my mobile device. I meant "according to your quiz"... I really enjoyed it. Great questions ;)

Tosha said:
Jul 18 '13, 12:15AM

I am 79% germaphobic accordung to your quiz...Can you correct the spelling at the end in your results? (Definately) should be spelled "Definitely"...(atl east your clean)... should be "at least you're clean..." Sharing :) Thanks!

jennyI said:
Dec 29 '12, 6:48PM

That was funny! I'm relieved to know I'm only 34% germaphobic! Thanks, Q!

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