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The Star Wars movies have been entertaining us since Luke Skywalker first appeared on the screen in the original movie. GoToQuiz users have come up with some really great quizzes focused on the characters, trivia, and other aspects of Star Wars. For example: which character from Star Wars are you? Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Chewbacca, Han Solo.. maybe Darth Vader. How much Star Wars trivia do you know about the first trilogy, or the second? Are you a true die-heard fan of the series? Explore the quizzes below.

Our Star Wars Quizzes

  • Which Character whould you be in Star Wars Universe?
    [by: Legendary Jordan, rated: rated: 4.1/5, published: Jan 27, 2018]

    Everybody knows the saga "Star Wars", but the Universe where the movies…

  • Which Star Wars Movie Would You Belong In?
    [by: Star Wars Purist, rated: rated: 4.12/5, published: Apr 26, 2009]

    For all serious Star Wars fans- others need not apply. Ever wanted to be in a Star…

  • Which Jedi Are You?
    [by: Meself, rated: rated: 3.95/5, published: Apr 12, 2010]

    Which Jedi Knight from the Star Wars movies do you think you are the most like? …

  • What Star Wars Character Are You? (Prequel Trilogy)
    [by: Ciara, rated: rated: 3.9/5, published: Apr 18, 2010]

    There are many new characters introduced to the Star Wars saga in the new…

  • Which Star Wars Weapon Would You Have?
    [by: Obi Wan, rated: rated: 3.76/5, published: Jan 14, 2010]

    Are you A Star Wars fan? Do you like normal weapons? Or even Star Wars weapons? If so,…

  • Which Star Wars Character Are You?
    [by: Luke, rated: rated: 3.65/5, published: Nov 2, 2006]

    Which Star Wars Character Are You? The characters of the Star Wars universe are truly…

  • Star Wars Trivia
    [by: qsito, rated: rated: 3.55/5, published: May 23, 2007]

    Do you think you are a true Star Wars fan? Take this trivia quiz to see if you really know as much as you think…

  • What Star Wars Character Are You? (Original Trilogy)
    [by: Ciara, rated: rated: 4.24/5, published: Apr 18, 2010]

    There are many fun and memorable characters in George Lucas's classic…

  • Star Wars Trilogy Quiz
    [by: Aidan, Ben and Megan, rated: rated: 4.17/5, published: Mar 28, 2010]

    This quiz is a quiz about The Star Wars Trilogy. Do you think that you're a true Star Wars fan? Well take…

  • UN Secretary General or Star Wars character?
    [by: Domenico Bettinelli, rated: rated: 3.41/5, published: Sep 18, 2007]

    It's a sad reality today that more people know the names of characters in movies…

  • What Sith Rank Are You?
    [by: Darth Du Hobbs, rated: rated: 3.35/5, published: Mar 3, 2007]

    There are many people with force potential. Try out your skills and see how high you can score! Are you…

  • Which Star Wars Bounty Hunter are you?
    [by: Fett, rated: rated: 3.35/5, published: Jul 22, 2007]

    Bounty Hunting is one of the most ruthless and hardest jobs in the Star Wars galaxy. The…

  • Star Wars Trivia
    [by: S.A. McComas, rated: rated: 3.19/5, published: May 17, 2009]

    Take this Star Wars Trivia test and see your result in a simulated duel with Darth Vader. What quote will he…

  • Are You A Star Wars Freak?
    [by: Evan Campbell, rated: rated: 3.05/5, published: Nov 4, 2008]

    There is, in an ancient prophesy, tales of a Jedi who will bring balance to the Force. You might be…

  • John's Star Wars quiz
    [by: John Christian, rated: rated: 2.98/5, published: Apr 29, 2007]

    Here is my Star Wars personality quiz! Try it to see which star wars character you are. Could you be…

  • Are you a Star Wars expert?
    [by: Jason, rated: rated: 2.88/5, published: Jan 24, 2011]

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Every Star Wars film begins with that famous phrase.…

  • How Star Wars are you?
    [by: Ian, rated: rated: 2.53/5, published: Nov 16, 2013]

    There are many people in the world who claim to love Star Wars, but do you really know the real knowledge?…

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