Star Wars Trivia

Take this Star Wars Trivia test and see your result in a simulated duel with Darth Vader. What quote will he have for you? Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.

There are a multitude of questions arranging from Fan to Geek. Only one correct answer to each question. There are no opinionated questions, all of them are legitimate. Your score will be posted at the end showing your Force Power out of 100% possible. "May the force be with you"

Created by: S.A. McComas
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1. Star Wars ...
To bodly go, where no man has gone before.
To infinity and beyond.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away.
Over one billion served.
2. Which is not a character from any of the six Star Wars movies?
Nien Nunb
Admiral Ackbar
Fay Foto
3. Count Dooku, once a Jedi, now turned Sith Lord... retians the title...
Darth Sidious.
Darth Tyranus.
Darth Maul.
Darth Vader.
4. Jango Fett employs the talents of a typical bounty hunter known as...
Zam Weasel.
Zam Wesell.
Wam Zesell.
Sio Bibble.
Agen Kolar.
5. What order was given to terminate all Jedi, known as the Jedi Purge?
Order 88.
Order 69.
Order 66.
6. R2-D2 is a droid, what is his primary protocol?
Moist evaporator technology.
System Repair.
Binary decoder.
Trash Can.
7. During the attack on the first Death Star, Luke Skywalker flew as...
Red leader 6.
Red 5.
Wing leader 3.
Team leader 7.
8. Captian Panaka...
Viceroy of the separatists.
Head security for Queen Amidala.
Rebel Leader.
Wookie Warrior.
9. Who set in motion the creation of the clone armies on Kamino?
Count Dooku.
Qui-Gon Jinn.
Darth Sidious.
It was unknown.
10. Which Imperial Officer lead the assult on Echo Base, commanding from the front lines inside a walker cockpit?
Admiral Piett.
Moff Jerjerrod.
General Veers.
Captian Need.
11. Why are the Sith's sabers portrayed as red.
Because they represent passion.
Because they like the uniformity.
Because they are evil.
Because they are made with real crystals.
Because they are made with synthetic crystals.
So you know which guy on the screen is the bad guy.
12. C-3PO is a protocol droid designed to...
Assist in translation, etiquette, and customs.
Culinary and service preformance.
Navigation and galaxy coordinates.
Mathematical equations.
Translation and legal formality.
Aid to diplomatic congressman.
13. The Dianoga is a...
Space slug.
Garbage squid.
Pack animal.
14. Rabe, Eirtae, Yane, and Sache are all...
Younglings training to be Jedi.
The Queens Handmaidens.
Imperial Dignitaries.
Wookie Warriors.
15. The "Figrin D'An and The Modal Nodes" Can be seen in...
"A New Hope".
"Attack Of The Clones".
"Return Of The Jedi".
"The Phantom Menace".
16. The Sarlacc is a...
Systematic air restoration driod.
A solar system.
A rare beast on the planet of Geonosis.
A rare beast in the great pit of Carkoon.
17. Jabba the Hut's majordomo is...
Salacious Crumb.
Max Rebo.
Bib Fortuna
Yarna D'al Gargan
18. The Stalgasin hive colony is ruled by Archduke...
Poggle the Lesser.
Mon Mothma.
Djas Phur.
Ki Adi Mundi.
19. Selbulba can be seen in...
"Return Of The Jedi".
"The Phantom Menace".
"A New Hope".
"Empire Strikes Back".
None of the above.
20. When Obi-Wan took a dart to a wise former field agent for advise, where did he go?
Cloners on Kamino.
The Hut on Tatooine.
The Jedi Council at the temple.
The Senate.
Dexter's Diner.
21. Who gave Anakin Skywalker the scar across his face?
Count Dooku.
Asajj Ventress.
Nute Gunray.
General Grievous.
Baron Papanoida.
22. "Always two there are" Yoda stated. What was he refering to.
Two fronts of any attack.
Two faces or persona.
A Sith Lord and Sith Apprentice.
Twins, born to force sensitive people.
23. Lando Calrissan helped rescue Han Solo from Jabba by...
Diguising himself as a skif guard.
Diguising himself as a bounty hunter.
Pretending to go along with Vader's orders.
24. Jabba keeps a fearsome carnivous beast under one of his palace courts, as amusement he feeds it a live diet of unfortunate victims. What is it?

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