Which Star Wars Movie Would You Belong In?

For all serious Star Wars fans- others need not apply. Ever wanted to be in a Star Wars movie? Do you know which one? Maybe you do- and maybe we know better than you do. Through this series of essential questions, we'll tell you which movie you belong in. Maybe you'd be best in a Pod Race (never mind the squealing Jar Jar Binkses and Kitsters). Maybe you want to find the one you love, even if the Order forbids love. Maybe you're looking for the power to save that same Padme you love. Maybe you want to head to the basics of Star Wars- to Luke's classical journey (and explode a Death Star along the way). Maybe you're ready to trek for a while on a Tauntaun (or- In a tauntaun!). Or maybe, you're ready to give the Galaxy the republic it craves.

Please get in line for our accurate diagnosis and set down your lightsabers.And now, if you are quite ready- A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Created by: Star Wars Purist
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You've got a Friday night to yourself. Apart from, of course, watching a Star Wars movie, what do you do?
Play Star Wars Battlefront (or Lego Star Wars, or anything else with that Lucasfilm trademark on it) with a couple friends. I can't picture Friday nights in any different form!
Consult your Star Wars encyclopedia. What planet do Twi'Leks come from anyway?
Sleep. Tuck in early. Tomorrow, you are heading to the Star Wars convention and you better no be late.
Brush up on your lightsaber skills, using the $20 lightsaber you bought from Target.
Brush up on your lightsaber skills, using the $120 lightsaber you bought from the Science Muesuem Star Wars exhibit.
Rearrange your Star Wars figurines. Introduce them to your Batman figurine. Search for Solo's plastic gun and pop it into his hands.
4. You have met the girl or guy of your dreams (depending on your orientation and gender). Where are the two of you standing?
In line for the premiere of the latest Star Wars movie (hypothetically speaking. If you two meet waiting in line for Clone Wars, you are banned from Star Wars fandom.) Anyway, you are a little ahead of her/him because you've been in line for three days, and s/he's only been here for two.
At the concession stand in the middle of Revenge of the Sith. You both couldn't stand watching the Younglings get killed.
At your local Science Musuem. At the " The Science of Star Wars" Exhibit.
Online. S/he is the one who keeps editing your Wookiepedia pages
Online. In the middle of your Jedi Order RPG. S/he makes a feisty Jedi!
At the Star Wars Convention. Where else?!
5. The main problem, challenge, etc. in your life is:
You seek success.
You are looking for love.
You are fighting for reform. There's a lot in the world today that can be fixed.
You are looking for solitude.
You seek acceptance.
You want the Clone Wars TV show to end. Now.
6. You want most to be this character
Leia Organa Skywalker Solo- Got buns? Got guns?
Luke Skywalker- Hopelessly charming and hopelessly heroic.
Solo- No one but the best, kiddo.
Obi-Wan- 19 years of being a hermit is nothing compared to fighting Darth Maul.
Anakin/ Darth Vader- I am your father.
Anyone. Sign me up for Kitster. Any character in Star Wars is an honor!
7. Which quote most effectively sums up Star Wars?
"Why, it's a piece of junk!" -Luke
"I don't believe it. Obi-Wan was right. You've changed." -Padme
"Luke, I am your Father!" -Darth Vader
"Can someone get this walking carpet out of my way?" -Leia
"My son. So handsome. I love- I love-" -Shmi
"My allegiance is to the Republic! To Democracy!" -Obi-Wan
8. Your life would be drastically improved if only you had this one object:
A lightsaber
A tauntaun
A droid
A spaceship (preferably Millenium Falcon but you'll settle for one that's fast and with a design you like)
Midichlorians (or, just a little more than you've already got now)
Another Star Wars poster (try F.Y.E. or Tweeter!)
9. What is the single most important thing to you right now?
To be doing something important with your life.
To be happy and to live in the moment.
To focus on the ones who matter- family and friends
To improve yourself, always.
To follow your religion (which may or may not be the ancient religion Darth Vader follows!)
To add to your Star Wars collection- 30 years and running.
10. What is LaserHawk?
A movie starring Mark Hamil about an alien invasion.
The name of Moff Tarkin's private ship.
Jabba's favorite snack to munch on when watching executions.
A skateboard company. Why is this question here?
The nickname bequeathed to Ewan McGregor because he agreed to do his own stunts.
Padme's pet name for Anakin.
11. How would you describe yourself?
A Jedi in a world without a Jedi Temple who upholds the same ideals.
A Twi'Lek entertainer girl.
The Emperor of my own empire, when I will it.
An honorary member of the Rebel Alliance, dispatched to Earth.
A Droid, carrying out mindless tasks in a mindless world.
A wookie, fighting when it is the right time and a steadfast friend all the way through.
12. Why do you like Star Wars?
It's something planted into me by my fanatic parents (or just my dad). It's how I grew up.
The genius of George Lucas and co. can not be ignored. It is planned out so well and it has a Classic Hero's Journey too!
I wish I could live in the Star Wars Universe. The closest thing to it is watching the movies.
It's so exciting! The bangs and the booms, and the drama in general.
I don't like it. I'm more of a Eragon fan, really. (Anyone who chooses this option will be digested over several thousand years and learn a new definition of suffering.)
Anakin. Is hot. I'd have a crush on Luke, except I don't like his chin. I'd also love Solo but he's too old.
13. What is Star Wars?
The reason for my existense.
A Space Opera at heart.
A Hero's Journey. Luke and Anakin's.
The series of battles between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire finally resulting in the New Republic being established (not to be confused with the Clone Wars).
My life.
All of the above. And, a saga.

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