Where do these TV shows take place?

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You have heard of street smarts, but what about city smarts? A sitcom genius not only can name every episode, but also knows the name of the city and state of their setting. Let's see how you do.

How well do you know your U.S. cities? Would you recognize them if they appeared in a television show? Well, many of them have done just that, so take a few minutes and see how many you can identify.

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  1. In what city did the characters of Home Improvement live>
  2. Where did the Barones of Everybody Loves Raymond live?
  3. In the show Family Matters, Officer Carl Winslow and his family lived in what city?
  4. In what state was Mayberry located in the Andy Griffith Show?
  5. Where was the sitcom Happy Days set?
  6. Where was the set for Seinfeld?
  7. What city was the setting for How I Met Your Mother?
  8. Monk was a comedy-drama that featured what city?
  9. Last Man Standing featured Tim Allen, senior executive at a sporting goods store in what city?
  10. Full House was depicted in what city?
  11. Friends ran for 10 seasons, depicting what city?
  12. Country music superstar Reba McEntire starred in her own sitcom, situated in what city?
  13. The Middle, starring Patricia Heaton, is set in what state?
  14. Boy Meets World is set in what city?
  15. Still Standing's toilet bowl salesman Bill Miller lived in this city with his wife and three kids.
  16. The late John Ritter starred in Three's Company, where three single roommates lived in what city?
  17. In what city did The Golden Girls live?
  18. The Office was filmed in what setting?
  19. Dr. Richard Kimble was The Fugitive, wanted by the police and FBI for killing his wife in which city?
  20. Reaching back to the 80's, Too Close for Comfort featured comic strip writer Henry Rush living with his family in what city?

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