What is your mermaid power?

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mercedez said:
Apr 13 '14, 4:09PM

how do u get powers 8i cant get nothing an how do u become a mermaid.

mercedez said:
Apr 13 '14, 4:08PM

how do u get powers 8i cant get nothing an how do u become a mermaid

united states said:
May 31 '13, 8:24PM

i ment i wanted move

united states said:
May 30 '13, 9:49AM

i got freeze i was ok with freeze or heat but how do i get powers

ashash1234 said:
May 23 '13, 9:10PM

freeze not move :|

sdemint said:
May 24 '12, 8:00AM

I got freeze what i have always wanted!

janae said:
Apr 12 '12, 10:31PM

i got freeze but i wanted move

musicalrose911 said:
Jun 23 '11, 5:56PM

This quiz was... alright. Of course, it would have done well to mention this was based on H2O in the description.

alliecat said:
Jun 23 '11, 5:33PM


Nikki_Knox said:
Jun 23 '11, 2:34PM

Cool quiz... ARE YOU BORED? Then please take my quiz, ranked #75:

"Who are you in your circle of friends?"

You know you want to find out... ;)

animefan1 said:
Jun 22 '11, 9:01PM

i got heat

TXTR said:
Jun 22 '11, 7:01PM

Lol, dis is so NOT accurate... I don't do well in school! XD

Nakita said:
May 27 '11, 12:33PM

I got freeze...not accurate at all. xDD I love swimming and getting wet, I hate school, and I'm...kinda determined.

Demontheangel said:
May 26 '11, 2:14PM

Very good quiz :D 10/10

Wooden Bridge said:
May 25 '11, 5:53AM

You have the power to freeze water. You are determined and strong mined, and do very well in school. You love being a mermaid but are very careful not to get wet. You would never tell the secret to anyone and are a good friend, although you can sometimes be stubborn.

I do good in school.
My frnds say im a good frnd :)
and i can be stubborn

madid said:
May 24 '11, 8:57PM

This is based off of H2O, right? Purty good, but you didn't say if they were common or not.

Kophrus said:
May 24 '11, 8:06PM

I got freeze. I guess its okay, but I wanted heat.

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