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  • Pokemon Fan Club Quiz
    [published: Jan 9, 2017]

    Well, you like Pokemon. Actually no, you changed your mind. You absolutely LOVE Pokemon. You also want to…

  • How Well Do You Know Minecraft?
    [published: Nov 14, 2016]

    There are LOTS, and I repeat lots, of Minecraft players and lovers out there. But not all deserve…

  • Do You Know PopularMMOs?
    [published: Nov 13, 2016]

    PopularMMOS is the best youtube channel you could possibly watch. Pat, the genius who owns the channel…

  • Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?
    [published: Oct 14, 2016]

    Early Birds wake up early in the morning, all energetic, and commit themselves to their…

  • What is your elemental power?
    [published: Feb 7, 2016]

    There are four elements: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. They all have different specialties, and they…

  • What are your mermaid powers?
    [published: Feb 7, 2016]

    There are many mermaids, all with mermaid powers. Powers like moving water, freezing water, turning…

  • What color is your mermaid tail?
    [published: Feb 6, 2016]

    There are plenty of mermaids, sirens, and half mermaids in the world. There are many half…

  • Are you a mermaid? REAL!
    [published: Feb 3, 2016]

    Many people don't believe in mermaids. "Just Children's Stories" is what people say. But that is not…

  • Do you have ice powers?
    [published: Feb 3, 2016]

    Powers are longed for throughout the world. One of the most common is ice, like Elsa's. Many people don't…

  • Do you have fire powers?
    [published: Jan 31, 2016]

    Fire. Warm and scary. Burning everything. Magic. Real and mysterious. Join them together and you get…

MissElsa's Recent Posts

  • Life Hacks
    "Hi, everybody! Please come on to life hacks!"
  • Life Hacks
    "When you want an elevator to go to your floor before any others, hold the elevator button for your floor. I don't know if it works."
  • Life Hacks
    "Is anybody here?"
  • Life Hacks
    "To bybass airport wifi passwords, type ?.jpg at the end of any url. I don't know if this works or not."
  • Life Hacks
    "It doesn't work on all vending machines."
  • Life Hacks
  • Life Hacks
    "Addition: If the vending machine thing doesn't work at first, hold down the change button, not press it."
  • Life Hacks
  • Life Hacks
    "I have never tried this before. In a vending machine, type in the code 432112311 for a surprise. Please tell me if"
  • Life Hacks
    "In this thread, please post lots of life hacks. If you have never tried one, say so, and somebody should test it(it's my thread's rules!). H..."
  • OMG Weird/Funny
    "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV6isuZ8Pow Watch this from 15:03. Beware rude language."
  • OMG Weird/Funny
    "definitely not."
  • OMG Weird/Funny
    "I Hope This Works. [img]file:///home/chronos/u-17a0d9c2b471c31819f179f53353517fa4144982/Downloads/Screenshot%202017-03-03%20at%206.00."
  • OMG Weird/Funny
    "Post anything even remotely funny or weird... PLEASE!..."
  • Pokemon Fan Club
    "Anybody who wants to be in the Pokemon fan club, come and take the quiz!"

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