The Walking Dead Test (Season 1-7)

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows and I hope people enjoy the show as much as I do. I really hope you enjoy this quiz so please take your time and get a one hundred.

How many of you people actually pay attention to these paragraph because I certainly don't so I hope for you those of you who do that y'all don't mine how I do this.

Created by: Jericho Randall

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  1. Who does Rick first encounter after he first get's out of the hospital?
  2. What does Rick tell Dwayne when they get ready to depart?
  3. Who contacts Rick when he's trapped in a Tank, surrounded by the walkers?
  4. What was the first thing Andrea said when she first met Rick?(Sorry, if it's not word for word)
  5. What was on the necklace that Andrea got for her sister?
  6. Who owned the RV?
  7. Who did Lori cheat on Rick with?
  8. How old is the Carl when he first appears on the show?
  9. Who is the doctor at the CDC?
  10. Who get's shot while looking at a deer?
  11. Who is Randall?
  12. What happens to Randall?
  13. Who is the first one to die, when the farm is taken over?
  14. All of these characters died on the farm except?
  15. At the beginning of Season three which of these members are no long apart of Rick's group, due to death, or being left behind?
  16. Who does T-Dog die for?
  17. What name does the Governor tell Andrea his name is?
  18. What's the Governor's Real Name?
  19. How many children did the Governor have?
  20. What was then name(s) of the Governor's child(ren)?
  21. Who does the Governor kidnap to try to get the prison from Rick?
  22. What weapon does the Governor kill Hershel with?
  23. Who saves Judith?
  24. Who runs Alexandria when Rick and his group show up?
  25. Who is Jesse?
  26. Who caused Jesse's death?
  27. How many times did Glenn almost die in Season 6?
  28. Who is Negan?
  29. Which of these alive characters are from season one and did not get kick from the group at one point?
  30. Who claims to have made the bullet that hits Lucille but didn't? (Not Rosita)
  31. Which of these is your favorite character? (This does not effect your score)
  32. Which of these was your favorite season? (Does not affect your score)
  33. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like the Walking Dead? (This doesn't effect your score)

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