Rocky Horror Lyrics

A lot of people have seen Rocky Horror, but only a cult following have REALLY seen it. I have seen the film 753 times, and i know the songs off by heart.

Can you match this? do you think you know every word to hot patootie? how about rose tint my world? come and have a go if you think youll do well :) I know that i certainly enjoyed making it, so i hope you enjoy taking it!

Created by: elle walker
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1. What's the Next Line? "dana andrews said prunes"
"were only for loons"
"gave him the runes"
"grew out on the dunes"
"brought out the full moon"
2. Whats the Next Line? "the river was deep but i swam it"
the future is ours so lets plan it
theres one fool for you and i am it
theres a fire in my heart but you fan it
the road was long but i ran it
3. Whats the Next Line? "in the velvet darkness of the blackest night, burning bright"
Is the hope you lost
Theres a guiding star
Is a friendship dear
Theres a friendly face
4. Whats the Next Line? "In another dimension"
we can break the tension
with a terrible henchman
we can ask the question
with vouyeristic intention
5. Whats the Next Line? "by the light of the night, itll all seem alright"
and nothing will be so manic
oh babies, dont you panic
I'll get you a satanic mechanic
and the tension will seem so organic
6. Whats the Next Line? "oh, woe is me"
my life is a mystery
i only want to be free
a love that i cannot see
why wont you let me be?
7. Whats the Next Line? "a weakling weighing 98 pounds will get sand in his face"
If he hangs around
when kicked to the ground
or so i have found
at the quietest sound
8. Whats the Next Line? "Whatever happened to Saturday night?"
dont seem the same since cosmic light
she came into my life, i thought i was divine
when you dressed up sharp and you felt alright
its not the same, and it dont feel right
9. Whats the Next Line? "a hot groin and a tricep make me, ooh, shake"
only for the sake of my muscle man
makes me wanna wake my senses all around
and im gonna break my curfew if i can
make me wanna take charles atlas by the hand
10. Whats the Next Line? "I thought theres no use getting into heavy petting, it only leads to trouble"
not forgetting
and seatwetting
and regretting
now were fretting
11. Whats the Next Line? "when eddie said he"
wouldnt go to bed
was gonna hit your head
didnt like his teddy
liked the colour red
12. Whats the Next Line? "dont get hot and flustered"
use a bit of mustard
get yourself some custard
or your tears might get blustered
its a good job you dusted
13. Whats the Next Line? "oh it was great when it all began"
i knew i had a muscle man
but soon i got scared and ran
but then i started gettin a tan
i was a regular frankie fan
14. Whats the Next Line? "As it clung to her thigh"
i wondered why
how i started to cry
i thought she could fly
i said my oh my
15. Whats the Next Line? "Im a wild and an untamed thing!"
youd better hang on, your mind goes 'ping!'
your heart starts pumping, blood will sting
im a bee with a deadly sting
but only when i start to sing
16. Whats the Next Line? "everywhere its been the same"
feeling like im outside in the rain
wheeling free to try and find a game
dealing cards for sorrow, cards for pain
healing wounds, am i going insane?
17. Whats the Next Line? "And crawling on the planets face"
lost in time, lost in space
creatures now entwined in lace
the humans have increased their pace
some insects called the human race
18. Whats the Next Line? "Darkness has conquered Brad and Janet"
Ann Francis stars in Forbidden Planet
see androids fighting, they should ban it
the servants gone to a distant planet
now its time to stop and panic

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