How well do you know The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the most popular and beloved cult classics of all time. Many people, like me, are huge fans and have been to all kinds of showings!Are you one of those people? This quiz is designed to test your knowlege on the movie! Enjoy!

Are you a huge fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Do you know all about the film right down to the date it was released? Take this quiz and see. Keep in mind that this is my first actual quiz that I have created and if isn't the best, sorry I am still working on it.

Created by: rhpsfan
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1. What year was this film released?
A. 1963
B. 1988
C. 1975
D. 1968
2. Who wrote it?
A. Walt Disney
B. Richard O'Brien
C. Tim Burton
D. William Shakesphere
3. At the beginning of the movie, whose wedding is Brad and Janet attending?
A. their own
B. Frank and Tammy's
C. Betty and Ralph's
D. Sarah and Bob's
4. Denton is referred to as?
A. Janet and Brad's hometown
B. The Home of Happiness
C. The Town of Happiness
D. The Town where scary transvestites linger
5. What was the main purpose of the song "Damnit, Janet?"
A. Brad tells Janet that he hates her
B. Brad tells Janet that he loves her and wants to marry her
C. Brad tells Janet that he wants her to go on a road trip with him.
D. Brad tells Janet that he wants her to meet Dr. Everett Scott.
6. Who are Brad and Janet planning to visit?
A. The castle in which the end up
B. Janet's parent's house to tell them the good news
C. The Criminologist
D. Dr. Everett Scott
7. What kind of dance were the transylvanians doing when Brad and Janet enter the room.
A. The Time Warp
B. The Hand Jive
C. The Bunny Hop
D. The Hokey Pokey
8. What color are Columbia's socks?
A. Orange
B. Pink
C. Multicolored
D. Blue
9. What kind of instrument does Eddie the delivery boy play?
A. Guitar
B. Saxophone
C. Drums
D. Trumpet
10. Whose is the next person to visit the castles after Brad and Janet?
A. Dr. Scott
B. The Criminologist
C. The police
D. more transylvanians
11. What is Dr. Scott's purpose there?
A. To crash the party
B. To question Frank
C. He was looking for his nephew, Eddie.
D. He was looking for Brad and Janet because they did not show up when they were supposed to.
12. During the song, "Touch a Touch a Touch me," what type of hats is Columbia wearing?
A. Mouse ears
B. A top hat
C. She is not wearing a hat
D. A beanie hat
13. During dinner, What does Frank Toast to?
A. to good friends
B. To absent friends
C. His new tattoo
D. To the best dinner he has eaten in twenty years
14. What type of subject did Frank say Eddie was?
A. a bad one
B. a tasty one
C. a good one
D. a tender one
15. Which arm is Frank's tattoo on?
He does not have a tat
16. What is Magenta's relation to Riff Raff?
her brother
her cousin
her father
just her friend
17. After turning Brad, Janet, Columbia, Dr. Everett Scott, and Rocky into stone, what does Frank tell Riff Raff and Magenta that they are ready for?
The floor show
A round of drinks
A make over
18. Who is the first person to sing on the floor show?
19. What does Riff Raff's laser gun resemble?
A fork lift
A gun
A pitchfork
A high heel
20. Who is controlling the search light during the song, "I'm going home?"
Dr. Scott
21. During the song, "I'm going home," how many cards does Frank deal in the last hand?
22. Where is Riff Raff, Magenta, and Frank from?
Transexual, Transylvania
23. Who leaves the castles alive?
Brad and Janet
Dr. Scott and Janet
Dr. Scott, Janet, and Brad
no one, they all die
24. What appears over the castle before it takes off?
A comet
A shooting star
Three moons
A rainbow

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