Tips for Getting Your Quiz to the Front Page

So you want your quiz to make it to the front page, eh? It isn't as difficult as you think. This page will give you a quick run-down of how to get your quiz to the front page.

Use Proper Spelling/Grammar: We get constant complaints about quizzes with poor spelling and grammar. People tend to ignore such quizzes, which makes it harder for them to reach the front page.

Share Your Quiz: Post your link on a message board or your MySpace/Facebook profile. Send it in an email to friends. Doing this will boost up the popularity, helping you reach the front page.

Make Your Quiz Compelling: Quizzes based on an original idea or something that is popular tend to attract attention.

Avoid Text-Speak: We penalize quizzes that use text-speak, like "how r u?"

Avoid Junk Text: Some people just fill in mandatory text boxes with random junk like "dkfjlsdk flksdjfsdkfoesfje." We penalize for that!

Avoid Excessive Punctuation: We also penalize for excessive punctuation, like putting too many !!!!! or ????? in your quiz.

Avoid Offensive Content: We automatically scan quizzes for possible offensive content. Quizzes with swear words, rude messages, or sexual language are penalized. Depending on the severity, your quiz may be immediately deleted!

All CAPS is bad: Typing with caps lock on is considered rude, like you are shouting. There is a penalty for excessive caps.

The penalties listed above apply more strongly to your quiz title and first descriptive paragraph, as these are used to display your quiz on the front page. But they do apply also to all the text fields of your quiz. Think of a good title and write all your text cleanly, avoiding the problem areas described above, and you are on your way.

The Scoring Formula

The exact formula for promoting quizzes to the front page is a secret. However, there are a few things we'll reveal. One obviously important factor is the number of people who take your quiz. We only count each person once, so taking your quiz a bunch of times does nothing to help. Another factor is getting a good quiz rating. Again, multiple rates from the same person aren't counted. Getting back to one of the tips above, we detect if you have linked your quiz from other web sites. This tells us you are actually promoting your quiz, and you get credit for that.

We have two filters. One is a lameness filter that detects some of the stuff above (the caps lock, text-speak, punctuation problems, etc.). If the lameness filter finds a lot of issues with your quiz, it is not impossible that it will still make the front page. But the penalties are applied and it becomes more difficult. Excessive lameness means your quiz can never be promoted. If instead the lameness filter reports no problems, you actually get a bonus!

The other filter checks for the offensive stuff. Too much and you quiz will not be promoted, and may be deleted if it's bad enough.

Monitoring Your Quiz

After you've finished your quiz, you can log back into it any time to check the stats. You can see how many people have taken it, which gives a pretty good indication of how it is doing. A Quiz typically need around 100 or so people having taken it before it becomes likely to reach the front page.

If you follow the newest quiz list, you'll notice that some quizzes are in a larger font than others. These are the ones that are becoming likely to get promoted. We increase the font size as they get more popular! So you may want to check that out, too.