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  • What is your Nail Art IQ?
    [published: Feb 18, 2017]

    Have you ever wanted to test your nail know-how!?! Well you've come to the right place!!! I'm just…

  • How well do you know Twilight?
    [published: Jan 9, 2017]

    Some people have read Twilight some people have not. Use this quiz to test your Twilight…

  • Do you know a lot about horses?
    [published: Jan 8, 2017]

    Ever wanted to know how well you know horses!?! Well in just a few minutes YOU CAN!!! Do you have…

  • How well do you know the Morganville Vampires?
    [published: Jan 5, 2017]

    I noticed that there was only one other Morganville Vampires quiz (at the moment) …

  • Killer or Killed?
    [published: Dec 14, 2016]

    This quiz is to find out wether you are a killer or whether you are more likely to be killed... in my opinion…

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  • Official Darkness Thread
    "I can totally relate. Have you tried the NT Peal Off Basecoat? Would really recommend it!"
  • Arguments about...???
  • Lmao I'm dying
  • Arguments about...???
    "So, my friend and I have gotten I to a little argument and I, being a very argumentative person, want to win this so I thought I'd ask the g..."
  • My Weight
    "So, yesterday I weighed myself and I was 5.12 stones. I'm 13 years old but look about 11. is this ok? My best friend who is about an inch ta..."
  • Skipping Breakfast
    "Ok, thanks guys!"
  • Skipping Breakfast
    "So, for many months now I have been skipping breakfast most days. I do not feel that I need it and also have recently developed anorexia, me..."
  • Truth or Truth
    "yes i have whats the most embarresing thing that happened to you in 2017?"
  • "i can relate to this sometimes"
  • About my boyfriend
    "Night Owl, ok, thanks. how will it be in England?"
  • About my boyfriend
    "RelevantNerdist ok, thank you for your help!"
  • About my boyfriend
    "thank you, RelevantNerdist. Do you know if it's technically illegal?"
  • About my boyfriend
    "So, I'm 13 years old and my boyfriend will be 15 in January. We snog and touch each other and apparently this makes him a sex offender? I've..."
  • Help with story
    "She will do anything to die as long as its quick and simple. She hates herself and everyone around her. She self harms (cutting) as well, if..."
  • "I am so confused by this honestly"

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