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  • "As a former agnostic who wanted nothing to do with Christians, the reason I believe in God is because I've experienced the evidence and pres..."
  • could sombody tell me
    "This world only offers temporary, empty "happiness". We'll never be happy without a fundamental change inside of us, and that only happens o..."
  • "Here's a Gospel centered message from my church. Hopefully it can answer some questions, especially how the Old Covenant and Testament point..."
  • Just going on Google Maps
    "That was one of the vacations I was referring to! :D"
  • Just going on Google Maps
    "Taking "vacations" to places you can't afford to go. :P Go to sleep, Ana."
  • tonight
    "I know, the sad thing is most people's opinion of depression tends to either be "stop whining and suck it up" or "everything will be okay if..."
  • Welcome to my garden
    "Ah, didn't see you post! Sorry. xD I couldn't have fixed myself up on my own. To this day I have to walk daily with God to have"
  • tonight
    "I mean, I know why it happens. The things of this world don't satisfy us. We're made for more than the empty things the world tells us to go..."
  • tonight
    "The depression is a deep pain though, right? Enough to make you suicidal? I used to be on medication when I was younger for anxiety, but I g..."
  • Happy new years
    "Happy new year~"
  • tonight
    "I really sorry to hear that. How'd it start?"
  • Welcome to my garden
    "That's really the beautiful thing about God though. He doesn't expect us to become better on our own."
  • Welcome to my garden
    "Hey, I ask this because you wrote earlier that you go to church. Are you a Christian? Because I'd love to say a prayer for you if that's oka..."
  • tonight
    "That's what depression does. It's easy to dull it a bit, but to completely be rid of it is another thing."
  • "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasti..."

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