What Would Your Emo Name Be?

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Leuchtturm said:
Feb 7 '18, 1:49AM

Skyler smh 😂

Raven Rabbit said:
Feb 4 '18, 3:24PM

i actually have an emo friend named Skylar ( thats not the name I got i just though that was cool that that was a choice)

Demigod123 said:
Feb 6 '16, 1:52AM

whatever scarlett/skylar big deal. :/

willow_ballard said:
Dec 15 '15, 9:44PM

ya they got it right the description according to one of my friends is trulely me i got Scarlett

Gloomy bear said:
Nov 13 '15, 1:47PM


Nikt said:
Jun 12 '15, 3:04PM

I got Scarlett. Descripcion is 100% correct. How could you know I always wanted to have this name?

CrimsonAndClover said:
May 24 '15, 12:54PM

OMG MY REAL NAME IS JADYN (JAYDEN) AND THAT IS WHAT I GOT. I kno that was meant to be a guys name and imma girl but still

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