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  • 2.7K
    How will you die?
    rated: 2.61/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 2.7K times | 6 comments

    I Lumister have designed this. Strange twisted test for you. You look around and see ordinary people, living their ordinary lifes, not knowing their …

  • 179K
    What is your True Fear?
    rated: 4.09/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 179K times | 119 comments

    Fear is a funny thing. It is an emotion that all people will face sometime within their lives. Fear can be experienced on many different levels. From …

  • 13.4K
    Which Horror Movie Role Would You Play?
    rated: 3.29/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 13.4K times | 29 comments

    Me and my friends Have seen just about every horror film or Scifi thriller that was put on film and we often find ourselves Yelling such things at the …

  • 7K
    Are You Perfect For a Relationship?
    rated: 3.17/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 7K times | 11 comments

    There are many people out there that are perfect for a relationship and many that aren't. You are an amazing person if you can get 100%. What is …

  • 7.5K
    are you emo or just a poser
    rated: 3.16/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 7.5K times | 23 comments

    Most people dont know what emo is so they make up what they think it is. and thats f---en wack -_- so take this quiz and if your not emo LEARN WHAT IT …

  • 8.1K
    What Kind of Horse Are You?
    rated: 3.92/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 8.1K times | 9 comments

    Ok. Your a horse. What kind of horse? I don't know. Find it out for yourself. These questions will let you know. What is a horse? A four legged mammal …

  • 4.7K
    wich jonas brother will fall in love with you
    rated: 3.52/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 4.7K times | 7 comments

    you get to se what jonas brother would fall in love with you. you can get joe jonas, nick jonas, or kevin jonas. i think they are all cool and back …

  • 15.3K
    Are you in love? [Girls Only]
    rated: 3.65/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 15.3K times | 26 comments

    So, this is a quiz to see if you are in love. It's basically for girls but if you're a guy, well it doesn't matter. Please rate it when you are done. …

  • 10K
    Which random object are you
    rated: 3.15/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 10K times | 20 comments

    This quiz will tell you which random object you are most related to. You will be asked 18 questions. There are 5 results which you can get. I'm not …

  • 3K
    How random are ya?
    rated: 3.19/5Promoted 10 years ago | taken 3K times | 12 comments

    Randomness is a great thing some people got it some people (WAFFLES) don't this quiz is here to tell ya if ur random. now get answering those …