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  • 2K
    which animal are you?
    rated: 3.21/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 2K times | 3 comments

    Which animal are you? After all, everybody's different. These results aren't 100% accurate. Don't take them too seriously. They don't have to be …

  • 2.8K
    How old are you? I can guess
    rated: 3.13/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 2.8K times | 7 comments

    "There are many people in this world, they all have an age, and I can guess your age, but it might not always guess correctly. But sometimes I might …

  • 1.9K
    What element are you?
    rated: 3.8/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 1.9K times | 0 comments

    Water, Air, Earth and Fire, the four elements keeping our world in balance. Water for supplying us with a source of clean hydration, Earth for well... …

  • 2.9K
    Which Schuyler Sister are you?
    rated: 4.08/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 2.9K times | 0 comments

    The Schuyler Sisters are three siblings during the time of the American Revolution and are most memorable by their appearances in the new hit Broadway …

  • 2K
    Your Wolf Name, Appearnce, and Personality
    rated: 3.74/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 2K times | 0 comments

    If you were a wolf what would your appearance, personality, and name be? Ever wondered? Well, if you have, here you go! The perfect way to find this …

  • 1.1K
    the lodge quiz 101
    rated: 2.68/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 1.1K times | 0 comments

    some people say they keep up to date with the lodge and they love it so much but hoe do you realy know how much they like this show so take this quiz …

  • 2.5K
    How Pretty are You Really?
    rated: 3.03/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 2.5K times | 2 comments

    Do you think your are pretty? Well maybe you are maybe you are nor. Take this test and see what it says. Your pretty in your own unique way,and I …

  • 2.3K
    Which animal are you really?
    rated: 3.99/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 2.3K times | 1 comment

    have you ever wondered if you have some sort of inner animal? here is the answer: everyone has one! but what is YOURS? take this quiz to find out! who …

  • 1.9K
    Does Your Crush Like You?
    rated: 3.14/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 1.9K times | 0 comments

    There are many people that want to know who their crush likes. I am to, one of those people. A crush can drive people out of their minds! Use this …

  • 2.3K
    Does your crush like you?
    rated: 3.76/5Promoted 10 months ago | taken 2.3K times | 0 comments

    Do you really like someone but can't tell if they like you back? This quiz is the real deal! It will tell you if your dream of a fairy tale couple is …