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Every person is born with the power to influence those around them. However, just as each person has a unique background and personality, everyone has a different leadership style. This personality quiz will tell you what your leadership style is according to something called the Leadership Compass.

The Leadership Compass is loosely based on a Native American Indian belief system that was called the medicine wheel. In this belief system, the four directions were described as Warrior, (North), Healer (South), Teacher (West) and Visionary (East). Associated with each of these were the following basic human qualities: power (north) love (south) teaching (west), and vision (east). We have changed them a little to be more relevant to modern situations: North (organizer), South (nurturer), West (teacher) and East (visionary)

Created by: Diana Ford of Spark
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1. What is your age?
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you were working with a group of four people to design your own school, which role would you rather have?
Assigning different jobs to different people and supervising them.
Come up with ideas and design plans for the new school
Help put together the actual plan for creating the school once the design has been chosen
Help everyone else decide on a variety of plans, making sure that everyone gets their opinion heard.
4. If you could work at the school you designed, what job would you rather have?
Event Planner (fundraisers, activities, etc.)
5. Which of the following best describes how you like to work?
Having variety and trying many new things
Taking time to follow instructions and directions carefully
Finding out how other people have approached something before deciding the best way.
Experimenting and using creativity to find new methods of doing things.
6. How do you usually help in group decision making?
By suggesting lots of ideas that other people don't usually come up with.
By listening carefully to everyone's opinion and making sure that the group agrees on one decision.
By thinking about what the most logical and practical solution would be.
By organizing the group and encouraging everyone to make a decision.
7. How do you make most personal decisions?
By weighing the options carefully and then making up my mind about the most logical decision.
By trusting my emotions and intuition.
By thinking about how my decision will affect the future.
Easily and strongly.
8. Which statement best describes you?
I am comfortable being in front or in charge
I am careful to follow instructions and directions
I am very trusting of other people
I am a creative thinker and like to think outside the box
9. Which set of words do you most relate to?
imagination, possibility, options
fair, right, justice
logical, orderly, objective
now, action, myself
10. I am best at:
Understanding what other people need, and getting them to understand me
Taking charge and getting things done
Having ideas and solving problems creatively
Making the most out of whatever situation presents itself
11. I would describe myself as:
Practical and logical
12. When learning new things I prefer to:
Find out as much as possible so that I can come up with my own way of understanding
Listen to many people's understanding of the topic and trying to understand it as they do
Do it quickly and efficiently
Be given only the information I need to learn and then move on

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