Rappelz Cleric Class

I made this quiz for fun, which clerics can boast true leadership and the best healing style? What is a Rappelz cleric? A Rappelz cleric is a player, sometimes a leader.

Are you a Rappelz cleric? Are you good enough to take the Title Arch-Priest or Arch-Bishop and claim the glory and fame? Or are you just another fourth-class nobody, are you ready to find out?

Created by: Diana of Rappelz English
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When I am the only cleric in a party and I need to do buffs I...
Give full buffs to everyone
Give full buffs to some and not others
Skip the whole buff thing
Ask people what buffs they want
Already know and buff people and pets accordingly
4. When I am the only cleric in a party that is actively attacking monsters and I need to do buffs. What is the first thing I say and do?
I don't need to say anything, I start buffing right away
Announce that I am buffing, and try to keep up on heals while they fight.
Order the party to move back, and once they comply hand out a few heals before buffing.
Order the party to move back, start buffing once I get compliance and sip some tea while I'm doing buffs
Ask the party to move back and even if they don't comply I buff anyway.
5. Find your Average for the following skill levels for each Major Cleric Buff. If you do not have a level in a skill yet it counts as 0. You are dividing your raw total by 6 to find the average. Cleric Cards on buffs add a +1 for each plus after you find th
My Score is between 0 and 4
My Score is between 4 and 10
My Score is between 10 and 15
My Score is between 15 and 20
My Score is between 20 and 46
My Score isn't there so I should find a Mathematician and try again.
6. I am the only cleric in the party doing heals. I use the following techniques.
Spam the little heals. lvl 1-2 no matter what.
Spam the mid-range heals lvl 5-7
Use the biggest, fastest heals I have
Spam the little heals. lvl 1-2 and back it up with my pixie or low level restoration when things get out of hand
Adjust my Heals to heal between 1/8th and 1/4 of the tank's hitpoints
I use healing if nobody is dying, restoration to keep them from dying immediately, and follow that up with moderate rapid heals
7. When someone in the party dies because I failed to heal I...
do nothing or use a ressurect scroll
log out and claim 'computer failure'
ressurect and apologize
ressurect, apologize and offer token of good will
ressurect, apologize, and offer stamina saver
8. What is your strategy for Saving Mana?
Low level and moderate level heals with or without a blue pixie.
I keep a +4 lvl 10 or better staff of my rank for this occasion.
I use restoration scrolls on the party.
Intelligence buff or Pieces of Intelligence
All of the above.
9. What is your strategy for Mana Recovery?
I drink grocery items, blue potions, scrolls, and request Blessing of Spirits from the Pixies, and a healthy dose of scrolls from everyone.
MP Regen Toggle.
Something else not listed here.
10. The next questions will involve your personal skills as a leader. You are the cleric of the party, how often are you carrying the Star of Leadership?
less than 10% of the time
less than 30% of the time
around 50% of the time
around 70% of the time
at least 90% of the time
I always make the party 100% of the time
11. Continuing with Leadership. Thinking about the past 2 months, how well do you know the people you party with the most?
Best buds since we met up last month
90% of the time I know who is good, who is bad and who is mediocre.
I have no idea, I rely on the people I have invited to make the right decisions.
About half the time I have a pretty good idea.
I don't bother to lead, I let someone else do it.
12. How important is it to carry the star of leadership in a party as a cleric?
Not important, why?
Critical to success
It has a little importance.
It's not critical but it's something a cleric should do.
I have my best friend who is a greater leader than I am lead the party.
I have a different answer.
13. Situational response. Your party is 6/8 full, one of your party members is telling you or the party leader repeatedly to invite a certain name. Certain name has on many occasions led to the death of the party you?
I invite, maybe his friend can keep him in line.
I say no in party chat and leave it at that.
I say no, and explain to the party that I have partied with him or her before and it led to disaster.
I don't care, I'm not leading.
Maybe I'm not leading but I make certain to inform the party leader of trouble.
14. The party you or your friend is leading is getting into trouble. You know if this continues you will be facing a mana crisis. What do you do?
I speak out for a break, if they ignore me I leave and teleport out
I use their character names and yell for them to back off.
I log for 10 minutes to give them time to get their act together.
Drink potions as fast as I can, and try to get the leader's attention so he can stop them.
I do my best and if they ignore me, I let the trouble-makers die, they can stay dead until I get things back together.
15. How do you get your cleric cards?
Farming, trades, buys
Buys, Trades, Farming
Trades, Farming, Buys
My guild gives them all to me for free
My guild helps but I mostly farm, trade, or buy
16. How often do people you if you are available to lead a party whether you are or not?
Everyone asks me!
At least half the people I know
About 5 people
About 1-3 people
Nobody's asked this week
17. How many people ask you to join their dungeon party every day?
At least 10
5 or so
3 or more
at least 1
Not this week.
18. You are in a party. Your primary tank just pulled 10 mobs. What do you do?
Leave the party and log there is no way to win.
Just log for 10 minutes.
Try to keep up on heals while advising people to log at any moment.
I hold out for as long as I can, if all tanks fall and those mobs are chasing the spellsinger down the street I'm giving the signal to log and doing so myself.
I log, log back in and sit down to watch everyone die.
19. A few more questions on cards. How many cards do you have for active skills you can and do use? A +2 card counts as 2 cards, a +3 card counts as 4 cards.
Under 10
20. How many cards do you have for inactive skills plan to have but cannot use yet? A +2 card counts as 2 cards, a +3 card counts as 4 cards.
Under 10
21. Back to a dire situation where someone pulled too many and half the party died. What do you do?
I teleport to town, dead or alive.
I log in and see if anyone is alive, if they are I heal them to max health, then go about clearing mobs and ressing the rest of the party
I assess the situation if too many are dead or the mobs resettled in a bad spot I just teleport to town.
I sit and recover mana until I'm ready to deal.

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