How Much Do You Know About Snakes?

I made a quiz all about snakes. This is to test your knowledge about them and smarts if you ever see one. This quiz can even help you learn about them while having fun and not reading a boring book.

If you know about snakes or want to know about them this is the quiz for you! You'll find out if you know about snakes or have some work to do. Good luck!

Created by: Katniss11
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1. True or False: Snakes chew their food.
2. What is one of the most venomous (Poisonous) snakes in the world
Corn Snake
Coral Snake
Burmese Python
3. Where does the Anaconda live?
All rain forests
Only the Amazon rainforest
In any little forest around the world.
In the water
4. How do Burmese Pythons eat their food?
They um. . . swallow it?
They inject venom.
They use their curved teeth to lock onto prey if it tries to escape and then they constrict it.
I don't know and don't care.
5. Is there a such thing as a Diamondback Rattlesnake?
Um no! Why would there be?!
Not that I know of. . .
I don't know I did this to learn about snakes!
Yeah, they are ssooo pretty!
6. Where do Sidewinder Rattlesnakes live?
The desert duh!
Um the rainforest?
plain old forests I guess.
The beach
7. If you see a wild snake what should you do?
Leave it unless it looks sick or hurt then call a wildlife center.
Pick it up if you're dying to see it. . .
Leave it! I would never pick up a dirty slimy thing like that!
PIck it up and move it out of the way.
8. How should you pet a snake?
Um back and forth. Why does it matter?
Only towards it's head.
Only towards it's tail.
9. Do you think you know a lot about snakes?
Yeah I already did!
Nope I never have.
I learned some stuff but I wouldn't say I'm an expert.
10. Did this quiz rock!
Yes! I loved it!
i've seen better but pretty good.
It was radical!
Wait all the answers but this one say yes. That isn't fair!

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