Do you really know West Rogers Park?

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If you grew up in West Rogers Park during the 60's, 70's and part of the 80's then these questions should bring back wonderful memories...or at least make you hungry for a Wolfy Dog with the works including Celery Salt.

Were you observant while riding the 84 bus to the Bryn Mawr L Station? Are your powers of recall still strong after all of these years? The go ahead...there are only 10 bad could you do?

Created by: Gary Gluck
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1. Rogers Park was named after whom?
Ginger Rogers
Roy Rogers
Philip Rogers
Rogers and Hammerstein
Jolly Roger
2. What is origin of the street name Albion?
An early mayor of Chicago
What the ancient Greeks called Great Britain
A corruption of the word albino
A city in the south of France
A small fish in the sardine family
Noibla spelled backwards
3. During the 60's, 70's and maybe even later what happened every Tuesday at 10:30AM
A Peterson Avenue bus driver slammed the door on a lady
WCFL conducted a test of the emergency broadcast system
An air raid siren went off
Protesters would gather around the "family" clinic on California Avenue
The Lee Philip Show came on
4. Before "Katz Meow" and before "Bon Ton" what delicatessen occupied the southwest corner of Devon and California?
Jerry's Famous Deli
Barnum and Bagel
Carnegie Deli
Pica-deli Circus
Brent's Deli
5. What did Stephen Tyng Mather and Ronald Reagan have in common?
Mather ran US Borax which was Reagan's sponsor on Death Valley Days
Mather dated Nancy Davis in High School
Both Mather and Reagan were presidents of the Screen Actors Guild
Mather and Reagan both resemble the Big Boy restaurant mascot
Both urged Gorbachev to "tear down that wall"
Both suffered from the heartbreak of Psoriasis
6. The "Z" in Z Frank stood for:
7. How many lanes did Bud Shaibly bowl have?
8. What was the interior design of the Nortown Theatre supposed to depict?
The view from the Hanoi Hilton
The constellations of an April sky
The voyages of the Starship Enterprise
The skyline of Calumet City
A bad acid trip
Midnight at the Oasis...send your camels to bed....
9. How many "Z's" came from the sleeping child at the Riverside Motel at Peterson and Lincoln?
10. Across the street from the Riverside Motel was the strip center called "The Center". What caption appeared under this?
Shopping at its best
Stores and more stores
Vagrants Welcome
Over 8 Billion Sold
A Quinn Martin Production
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