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Endercreeper94 said:
Mar 22 '17, 1:42AM

Okay, just because you live in Utah doesn't mean that you are Mormon...
Also I got 35% and have lived there for most of my life...

MM1211 said:
Dec 3 '15, 2:24PM

You're 64% Utahn.

You might have visited Utah a lot or lived in Utah for a very short amount of time. You definitely can't say you're "from Utah", though. Sorry.

I've lived in Utah my entire life.

Silver_flame22 said:
Aug 3 '15, 8:09AM

I got 47% utahn. This offends me. I was born and raised and lived here my entire life.

MormonMutt said:
Jan 3 '14, 8:50PM

Says I'm 59% Utahn! I'm offended. I guess it's time to leave. Lived here 20% of my life (three different times) Hope to retire and move to Oregon. I can be a good Mormon elsewhere.

piperh75 said:
Dec 31 '13, 3:21AM

I was born in Salt lake city Utah in 1975 and lived there until 2002. And it says I may have visited or lives there a short period of time but I'm. It from there. You can't be serious!!!!!

Squire Jason said:
Oct 18 '13, 12:59PM

I was born in Utah as were my parents and siblings.I have been in Utah 99.93% of my life. None of my ancestors for the previous five generations were polygamists or Mormons. I am not a Mormon. Less than 60% of Utahn's are Mormon. As Horace Greeley said "Goes west young Man". Perhaps you should think west.

Willow1276 said:
Jun 18 '12, 12:47AM

I love Utah I'm a part of the church of Jesus christ and the latter day saints and I love it. Haha

arbormike said:
Sep 6 '11, 11:44PM

I was born in utah, lived here 95% of my life (taking out the time's I've visited other states) but I'm not mormon like the majority of Utahns so other than my religion you can't get much more Utahn so check your facts.

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