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  • Okay, just because you live in Utah doesn't mean that you are Mormon...
    Also I got 35% and have lived there for most of my life...

    Endercreeper94 Mar 22 '17, 1:42AM
  • You're 64% Utahn.

    You might have visited Utah a lot or lived in Utah for a very short amount of time. You definitely can't say you're "from Utah", though. Sorry.

    I've lived in Utah my entire life.

    MM1211 Dec 3 '15, 2:24PM
  • I got 47% utahn. This offends me. I was born and raised and lived here my entire life.

    Silver_flame22 Aug 3 '15, 8:09AM
  • Says I'm 59% Utahn! I'm offended. I guess it's time to leave. Lived here 20% of my life (three different times) Hope to retire and move to Oregon. I can be a good Mormon elsewhere.

    MormonMutt Jan 3 '14, 8:50PM
  • I was born in Salt lake city Utah in 1975 and lived there until 2002. And it says I may have visited or lives there a short period of time but I'm. It from there. You can't be serious!!!!!

    piperh75 Dec 31 '13, 3:21AM
  • I was born in Utah as were my parents and siblings.I have been in Utah 99.93% of my life. None of my ancestors for the previous five generations were polygamists or Mormons. I am not a Mormon. Less than 60% of Utahn's are Mormon. As Horace Greeley said "Goes west young Man". Perhaps you should think west.

    Squire Jason Oct 18 '13, 12:59PM
  • I love Utah I'm a part of the church of Jesus christ and the latter day saints and I love it. Haha

    Willow1276 Jun 18 '12, 12:47AM

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