Are you a zombie?

You are the best. You you really are. Although this is about being a zombie. You just might be a zombie. Who knows. Please take this quiz to see if you are a zombie or not.

Are you a zombie? You just might be. Zombies suck. Zombies are no good. Some people really like shows or movies about zombies. But would they want to be a zombie is the question.

Created by: Serge

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  1. Do you want to eat human brains?
  2. Do you want to eat something that is living?
  3. Do you walk really slow?
  4. Do humans kill creatures like yourself?
  5. Do you like to suck blood?
  6. Are you conscious?
  7. Are you living?
  8. Do some people call you the undead?
  9. Do you turn in to a werewolf?
  10. Did hell freeze over?

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Quiz topic: Am I a zombie?