how badass are you

ok if you were wondering why there is a quiz mostly about the zombie apocalypse when it says badass then look at the walking dead look at the badasses in there.

this is to show you how tough and chill you are how badass you can be. if you can figure out what you can and cannot do your more likely to end up a zombie the the apocalyse.

Created by: maria

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. would you kill a zombie or run
  2. would you save a kid or let the kid be zombie food
  3. would you die saving someone or not
  4. what sign are you? (pt1)
  5. what sign are you? (pt2)
  6. what sign are you? (pt3)
  7. would you try to raise population in the zombie apocalypse?
  8. would you become a zombie if the one you love was one?
  9. would you eat tainted meat?
  10. would you be nice to everyone if there was a zombie apocalypses?

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Quiz topic: How badass am I