Are you a Seattle native?

Seattle is a great city but few people were born here. Most likely if you do well on this quiz you are no longer living in Seattle but wish you were. You actually miss the weather and are so tired of defending it that you no longer even bother.

Are you a Seattle native. Take this quiz and see, I promise you it is true and accurate. You just might learn something about the biggest city in North America north of San Fran and west of Chicago.

Created by: Bill Boeing
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3. J. P. Patches lived...
In the 19th century
At the city dump
In underground Seattle
At the site of the original settlement
4. The Green Lake alligator...
were really caymans
was a hoax
was never caught
were a frat prank
5. SST stood for...
"super speed transport"
"Seattle to San Francisco transit"
"stop Seattle/Tacoma expansion"
"Seattle Stands Tall"
6. The scum on Green lake is caused by...
natural minerals from a nearby hot springs
run off from surrounding streets
seeping sewage from out dated septic systems
photosynthesis from stagnant water
7. The original color of the Space Needle was.....
Sky blue
Blazing white
Emerald green
Bright orange
8. The "Empire Builder"...
was the nickname for pioneer Elliot Mercer
Is the title for the Boeing biography
is the train to Chicago
is the name of the trade mission to China
9. Seattle's orignal American League baseball team were known as...
the Rainiers
the Pilots
the Mariners
the Brewers
10. The Seattle Metropolitians...
are a group of local wealthy philanthropists
moved to New York in the 1960's
were the first American hockey team to win the Stanley Cup
created the "Metro Council" which abolished neighborhood zoning based on race
11. The correct phrase for a down and out section of town is...
skid road
skid row
12. Stan Boreson's dog was named...
13. the opposite of a "Patches Pal" is...
a "Patches Pretender"
a "Freddies Friend"
a "Boris Buddy"
an "Amos Amigo"
14. The Mercer Girls were...
early Seattle prostitutes brought from San Fransisco
Women brought from the east coast as "teachers"
a dance troop in the 1920's that danced at the White House
were young girls from wealthy families educated at the "Mercer School"
15. Mt. Rainier was originally known as
16. It rains less in Seattle than it does in...
New York
17. Seattle's nick name is...
"queen city"
"jet city"
"emerald city"
all of the above
18. Local TV channels include...
all of the above
19. Seattle is the headquarters for...
all of the above
20. Seattle was first known as...
New Chicago
21. "slo mo" was...
a hydroplane
a local jewlery store
a local indian chief
a drag strip
22. a true native of Seattle is known as a...

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