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Ever heard of a moral compass? Well, if you haven't, a moral compass is a measure of how good or bad you are, mainly predicted by your actions or thoughts.

So what are you? Are you the pure essence of justice? Are you generally good with a few slip ups? Are generally bad with a pinch of humanity? Or are you pure evil?

Created by: mysticbluekitten
1. What is your age?
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3. Your sibling is standing in the way of the TV and it is your favourite show.
You politly ask your sibling to stand to the side of the TV
You ask your sibling to move out of the way of the TV
You rudley ask your sibling to move out of the way of the TV
You shove your sibling out of the way of the TV
4. You find a wallet on the ground, you can see money that has spilled out. There seems to be a lot of it.
You try and find the owner of the wallet and return it
You walk away and leave it
You pinch a small amount of money
You steal the whole wallet
5. You allow a co-worker/classmate to borrow a pen and he promises to return at the end of the session/class but forgets.
You let him keep the pen, ou have plenty and he is in need of one
You politly remind him of his promise
You rudley remind him of his promise
You snatch the pen from his hands and warn him not to steal again
6. You are supervising your child/younger sibling at the park when child roughly the same age pushes him/her off the swing and proceeds to play on the swing himself
You tell the adult supervsing that child about what he just did and explain how it is wrong if needed
You go over to the dult supervising that child and tell them what happened
you go over to the adult supervising that child and complain
You go up to the child and take him forcefully off the swing and put your child back on it
7. You are walking home late from a friends house when a man comes over with a large amount of money, asking you to kill a person they have kept in a abandoned apartment, threatening to kill you if you don't
You say no and manage to escape and make it your own personal job to make sure this is dealt with
You manage to escape and call the police
Scared, you follow him to the apartment, however, you slip away at the last moment and escape
You accept the money and kill the man, leaving with a large summ of money
8. You have stumbled upon a murder case and found crucial evidence for the police, however, you are black mailed by a unknown source via email, saying that you would be murdered next if you give the evidence to the police
You give the evidence to the police no matter what the cost
You send the evidence to the police via post so there's less of a chance that you are caught
you do nothing
You burn/destroy the evidence
9. Your friend is being left out at your other friends party because of a girl who practically bullied her way into the party is shoving her out of the way. Every one else is too scared to do anything.
You go to the bully and tell her what she is doing wrong and notify and make it your sole duty to prevent further bullying at the party
You try your best to include your left out friend
you do nothing
you join in the bullying
10. Someone in the area around you is being beaten up.
You seperate the fight, even if that means taking a bit of a beating your self
you try to reason with the beater, with out putting yourself in danger
you do nothing
You help the beater
11. You are a student in class and the teacher is new and can't control the class
You try your best to help the teacher and settle the class
you behave well
you talk to your friend
you actively disrupt the class
12. The person infront of you in the line at the till is checking out and one of her products is unidentifiable by the scanner. While the till assistant goes to get help, the person checking out steals a few bank notes. Only you notice this.
You report the incident to the manager instantly and make sure the worng dooer cannot get away
you tell the till assistant when she gets back
you do nothing
you steal some your self
13. Finally, what do you class your self as? (honestly)
Justice (everything right)
Good (mainly right)
Bad (mainly worng)
Evil (everything wrong)

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