Your Love Story (She-cats Only) Part 2

Thanks for coming to my second ever made test! So if you haven't done my first test, I'd recommend that because then you won't know what the heck is going on.

Anyways, so this is a test about a she-cat named Leafwind. She is being chased by about a million cats (all of them are toms) and you have to help her find a mate.

Created by: GamerStarGirl

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  1. Okay. So if you didn't do the first test, go do it.
  2. So, remember what was happening?
  3. If you do, then put "I remember, got it mouse-brain? Ble ble blea!". If you don't remember, then go take the first test again; because I'm not telling you again.
  4. Okay, we're going to start the test now.
  5. You race into the battle to help Stripestar (as I hope you remember what was going on), but get jumped on by an enemy cat. You see a solid-brown tom pinning you down, about to scratch your face. But then suddenly he gets up and races out of camp. You get up and continue to Stripestar.
  6. "I won't make it, Leafwind. But I thank you for everything you have done for me as a great warrior. I, Leafw... uh...."
  7. Sharpfur pads up to you. "He's dead..." He says sadly. Grief or whatever rises up in your throat (somehow) and you go [back into the battle] to fight. A while later, MoonClan drove out the attackers. You go to find...
  8. The next day you wake up. It isn't bright out, so it is still nighttime. You pad outside to look at the moon, which is in the center of the stars and sky. "Pppsssss!" You hear a voice say. "Ppssss!!! Over here" It whispers. You trot over to a bush at the entrance of the camp, where the sound is coming from. Suddenly a solid brown cat's paw pulls you into the bush. You think...
  9. A tom is standing in there. You start to yowl for ______________, but he covers your mouth with his tail before you can.
  10. "I am Bushstone." He tells you.
  11. Cliffhanger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: My Love Story (She-cats Only) Part 2