Would You survive in the series 'Death Note'?

Sure, we can all make it in today's world, but not everybody can. How about a manga world? The world of Death Note perhaps? It takes common sense and a good brain to make it in THIS world, but how will they fair you in Death Note world?

Can YOU make it? Or will you just be one of the millions who dies at the hands of Kira? What will you do? How will you do it? When will you do it? How about now, in this quiz? Take it and find your place.

Created by: Lily
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Can you keep a secret?
Yes. I tell no one.
Yes! I'd only tell those I trust not to tell anyone else.
Depends. If i can get something from it, then no.
4. Are you easily exited by the opposite gender?
Yes. Hehe..
No, I have self-control.
I pretend to be.
5. If you had five minutes to think up a plan, and those minutes just ran out, what would be the result?
I got nothing..
Nothing, but I'd try to talk my way out of it, you know?
Nothing. I'd stall for more time.
A carefully constructed plan.
6. Are you good looking?
I don't care..
Why, yes, I am!
I'm average-looking.
Yes, I am attractive.
7. Would you be a Kira worshipper?
Yes, Kira is god and God wants what's best for us.
8. Would you still be a Kira worshipper if one of your relatives whom you cared about was killed by him and you know for a fact that he didn't do the crime?
9. What do you think of Kiyomi Takada?
She is just a dumb girl who thinks she can tell the world how to live their lives.
She is the Goddess of this new world.
10. It is common knowledge that a group called the SPK is after Kira. What do you make of this?
How dare they defy God!
Are they insane?! They're gonna get killed for this!
Good for them. If possible, I'd join them.
11. How discreet are you?
I parade around, shouting my Kira beleifs to the world!
I go with the flow so as to not get killed.
I am withdrawn and tactical. I don't say things that aren't neccasery.
12. If you had a chance to be interviewd by Kiyomi Takada with gurantee that you'd be safe during the interview, what would you say?
"Kira is God. He is cleansing the world of sin and malice so that we may live happily by his law."
I'd say whatever pleases the audience. Only a moron would do otherwise.
"Kira is most definitely NOT God. Kira openely butchers what God gave us:freedom of choice. God does not kill people, he lets them do as he pleases because he loves everyone, not just those who follow him. What's more, He who is all-knowing does not nee
13. Would you die to rid the world of Kira?
No. I don't need to die, it can be done in other ways.
I don't want to rid the world of Kira.
14. Kira is ridding the world of criminals. Why would you want to stop him?
I don't.
All he wants is power, not peace.
I've commited crimes myself.
15. Are you religious?
16. Do you get jealous easily?
Yes, though I don't show it.
Why should I?
17. Are you gullible?
If it sounds credible, then yes.
Yuppers! ^^v
No. I check first.
18. Do you have a family?
Yes, I do.
19. Are you prideful?
20. Are you trustful of others?
Not if I don't know them.
21. Do you love someone?
Yes, I luv them very much!

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